Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing strategy is something all business owners know is important, but actually developing that strategy involves a lot of moving parts. With the growth of the digital space that seems to be constantly changing, it can be even more confusing.

But the thing a lot of businesses need, before even deciding what ads to run and how to create branded materials, is to hone their central message.

Our marketing packages can help answer these crucial questions.

There is no silver bullet in marketing strategy; every business is different and the priorities are equally so. For example, it’s not true that every business needs a Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Trying to do all of these things when there isn’t time or when they aren’t useful is inefficient, so the type of planning we help with speaks to the core of a business’ goals and what marketing makes sense with those goals.

  • What does their company stand for?
  • What is their culture?
  • What is the unique value proposition? (What is it your company offers that’s different and more advantageous than competitors?)

Marketing Guidance To Hone Your Message

A message is more than just saying a statement. The choice of words and visuals matter. The emotions created by that message matter, and every choice we make about that message affects who it appeals to.

Many times this message is off, and business owners are confused about why their target customers don’t seem to be engaged in their brand. This is usually why.

When this is the issue it has to be addressed before any other marketing work can be done. Otherwise, it’s like building a house on a shoddy foundation and wondering why the nice new doors don’t close properly.

This part of marketing strategy is important to note because a lot of people think of the action portion of marketing when they hear “marketing consultant”. But a consultant’s role isn’t simply to say “post information here” or “run this promotion”.

Without the right planning up front, all of those action items will be hampered.

If these sound like challenges your business has had, let’s connect to see how we can help you be more effective with all your marketing efforts.