Tools without strategy behind them are just paperweights.

This is one of the biggest things that holds business owners back, both because of limiting beliefs such as, “I can’t take this next step until I can afford XYZ tool,” and because even acquiring tools has nebulous results simply in and of itself.

This is why our focus is on simplifying that strategy, and what drove us to create programs like PROPEL to provide personalized, accessible guidance for small business owners in a group setting.

PROPEL is designed to give you:

PROPEL provides clarity and strategy that everyone else can build from.


PROPEL provides clarity of message and strategy from which the rest of your marketing flows. This makes everything else you do simpler.
PROPEL is built to be affordable for small businesses

Ease Of Entry

The group coaching aspect of PROPEL makes it budget-friendly, and feasible to allot time for amid a busy schedule. Video chat also respects safety.

PROPEL gives access to specialists and tools


PROPEL grants you access to strategic partners participating alongside you, and also to industry specialists with incredible insight and tools.

We’ve Been Featured In:

Marketers who proactively plan projects are 356% more likely to report success


Leads coming from a search have a 14.6% close rate, compared to just 1.7% from channels like print or direct mail advertising.
Neil Patel, SEO Expert

Marketers using agile project management were 252% more likely to report success

Leading marketing research

Award-Winning Strategy

  • High detail “747 view” assessment
  • Eliminating unproductive spending
  • Refining systems and tools
  • Insightful customer personas
  • Story development
  • Review of brand identity & color theory
  • Holistic review of traditional and digital branding
  • Data-driven plans for clear results

Erik H.

Terri has been a great addition to our team as a marketing consultant. She brings tremendous energy and creativity to our operations. We highly recommend her to folks who need help getting their businesses off the ground.”

Erik H.

Stergios S.

“Terri have me great advice that has truly helped my business grow.”

Kelly R.

“Terri is so personable and knows what she’s doing. Love, love, love working with her!”

Beth L.

“Very in touch with changes in the marketplace. Terri really listens and is full of creativity.” (5 star original posted on google)

Alyson R.

“Terri is incredible! She invests a lot of time into learning about your business, your business needs, your industry potential and your direct competition. She always has great insight and strategy to get the right people to your business.
The structure she created for my marketing is fantastic and takes a lot off of my plate – and as a micro-business owner, I am happy to have less to stress about getting organized and done. Seriously, Terri is a life-saver!”

Herb A.

“GREAT people Fantastic Service and a Phenomenal Network. Let SpinFrogs help you GROW!”

Brealon A.

“An awesome resource if your looking to market your company. Terri has a passion for helping small business and has a knack for thinking outside the box to find a way to get your message out to your potential clients.”

Bill P.

“Terri is very knowledgeable about marketing and advertising and takes great pride in the work she performs for her clients.”

Angela J.

“Terri is a hard working, go getter who stays in front of the “marketing audience”. Diligently she works for each client to tailor their needs into a proven marketing plan. I have seen her use her boundless energy, positive attitude and enthusiasm to persuade many a buyer!”

Matt W.

Terri is always one step ahead of the thought process, working to implement ideas that will help streamline her client’s needs. She is a people person always wanting to help.”

Linda E.

If you are looking for someone to “shake it up” then you should hire Terri. She is brimming over with enthusiasm, fabulous ideas, and integrity.I loved that she always completed the tasks as agreed upon and always on time.
I would highly recommend her, to help you, with your business needs.”

Steve R.

Terri is passionate about being an advocate for small business. She brings clarity and organizational skills to the world of marketing. Helping her clients to leverage the power of digital marketing, Terri puts her team’s broad knowledge of both technology and marketing to work for them.”

William B.

Terri is a real professional. In what sometimes feels like the “wild west” of emerging technologies ,Terri is a breath of fresh air. Always straight forward, consistent and a woman of results . I highly recommend her.”

Mary H.

Terri is a very knowledgeable professional with a passion for helping others learn and understand the many facets of social media. Terri was an excellent resource for me, sharing her knowledge and expertise with a project we worked on together. I highly recommend Terri.”

Russell S.

What can I say about Terri that everyone doesn’t already know?

She is a major league logistical wizard (I much prefer the colloquial handle “cat hearder”, but that’s just me). She helped me and my group at Blue Ridge Heritage Trail get their Blue Ridge Heritage Trail kiosk system built and deployed, which was no small feat. She was always on top of where works on the myriad of pieces and parts were at any given moment. Even though things were flying back and forth for a long period (about a year) she kept us on track and on budget.

I cannot recommend her strongly enough, ESPECIALLY if you have a complicated project with lots of room for catastrophe to happen. (But then again, I guess that’s just about any project these days.)

Thanks again, Terri.”

Angel G.

I have known Terri for several years. She is a detail oriented person with a heart of gold. She gets a task and then is focused to making it happen. I recommend her for any team as an asset!”

Brian H.

Terri was a pure delight to work with. Her and I were teamed up on a few projects when I started here (Apple Rock) and I only wish we got a chance to work together more before she left. Her hard work and dedication on each project was top notch and honestly seemed effortless to her. Her attention to detail is purely incredible and her customer service skills go above and beyond. Terri is a true talent in the workplace and any boss would be lucky to have her!”

Dawn H.

Terri was very helpful in providing marketing information needed to assist a local non-profit. She took time to identify their specific needs and is working on a beneficial solution.”

Dominique R.

Terri is energetic with great business knowledge and has a great network of people to bounce ideas off of as well as gain new knowledge from. She is an expert! Her assistance has been invaluable.”

Nathan L.

Terri is a great person and has a passion for small businesses and helping them succeed. I had the pleasure of working with her to help with a personal business of mine and it truly was a great experience. She was very professional and made you feel welcome to contact her whenever anything came up. She also gave you the feeling that she truly cared about your business and your success.”

SpinFrogs is HIPPA compliant and certified. We also carry E&O and limited liability insurance helping to protect you and your business in our work together. 

Tired of reading tips or tricks and feeling like the next step is going to be easy, only to find yourself frustrated at lack of results?

What most of these "silver bullet tricks" are missing are two things: context and strategy.

Without those, your efforts can become little more than busy work as your message lost in the white noise of the digital space.

We help people just like you find the pitfalls in your marketing so you can max out your budget and results so you can focus on what you love and grow while doing it!

Pediatric dentist experienced 18% overall revenue growth in just 8 months.

Wholistic therapy practice increased business by 40% in one year.

Independent medical advocate grew 1200% & retained strong website readership.

General Dentist positions practic for sale to a practice manager in just 1 year.

Knowledge Business Broker Certified
(Program by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi)

*1st in North Carolina*

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