747 Deep Dive Marketing Analysis

Thorough review of your current contracts  with agencies/vendors

✓ Deduce where you may be duplicating your spending and re-allocate

✓ Audit of existing metrics and reports to determine the success of each piece of marketing

✓ Audit of existing branding materials; are they consistent?

✓ Review of current marketing technology. Are you tracking customer relationships?

We do this deep dive review first, SO THAT any recommendations for changes or direction that we make are based on clear data and not assumptions.

This level of analysis is not something that can simply be done with a tool or some kind of automation. Instead, what you’re getting is a hands-on audit of the direction of your brand. With it, determining areas of weakness or mis-alignment will be clear and actionable.

But wait, there's more!
But wait, there's more!

And best yet, when you purchase this program the fee is applied toward your first month of our forensic marketing program.

All this value for only $747!

I had the honor of having Terri Watkins, Chief Idea Catcher, on my WOW Wednesday podcast and WOW did she bring it for my audience! Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to get to know Terri through Women’s Prosperity Network. It has been a joy watching her grow in her confidence, momentum, and step more assuredly into her own voice.

On the show, Terri talked to 100+ people with poise, respect, and confidence about digital marketing. More specifically, she covered 3 ways to get found on Google. She not only came to the show aware of who was listening, she also delivered actionable tips for my audience to show them the best ways to grow their online reputations with Google.

I love how she was able to call back to lessons I had shared over the last year to reinforce to my audience that they are in the best place for their business. I would be thrilled to have Terri on my show again to continue to share that guidance of building credibility with Google, so that my network can continue to become more prosperous in time.

I highly recommend Terri for your podcast, association, or team when it comes to having someone knowledgeable about marketing to provide sound guidance on best practices to grow a brand digitally.

Nancy Matthews

Women's Prosperity Network