Are you exhausted from chasing the latest social media trends?

Feel like you’re constantly pouring time and effort into new scheduling tools and email campaigns – but you’re still not getting new customers?

Beyond frustrated with conflicting how-to-grow-your-business advice everywhere you turn?

We have 9 simple steps that will take you from NO marketing plan to a GREAT marketing plan that will ensure your business reaches its 2021 revenue goals.

Step 1: Create a solid marketing strategy before deciding on tactics.

Step 1: Create a solid marketing strategy before deciding on tactics.

No trendy games or shortcuts here. To create a solid marketing strategy, ask yourself:

  1. Who are you trying to sell to?
  2. How are you differentiating yourself from your competition?
  3. What marketing tactics have you used in the past?
  4. Did your marketing endeavors give you the results you wanted?
  5. How much energy are you willing to put into learning new marketing skills?

Once you have honest answers to those questions, you can easily research specific tactics that will leverage your strengths and support your weaknesses.

Step 2: Research your current customers.

Step 2: Research your current customers.

If you don’t have customers yet, talk to people who have expressed interest in your business ideas. Your customers and their perspectives should shape the core messages of your business, as well as how you choose which products or services to provide.

Having a DEEP understanding of your customers will be beacon you use to attract, reach, and serve the right people.

Step 3: Research your entire digital competition.

Step 3: Research your entire digital competition.

Understanding your competition inside and out will give you the leverage to differentiate yourself. After all, knowledge is power!

While it may seem easy to try to cut and paste someone else’s branding and tactics, starting a new business is not the time to replicate someone else. Setting yourself apart will be what actually attracts your ideal customers.

You can explicitly state how your products and customer service are different if you understand the competition.

Step 4: Promise to solve a problem.

Step 4: Promise to solve a problem.

People don’t want products or services; they want SOLUTIONS to their problems. When you offer people a better version of themselves, they will line up around the block.

Your job is to figure out what problem is bothering your ideal customer – and how your product / service is the perfect solution to that specific problem.

Step 5: Map out your customer's journey.

Step 5: Map out your customer’s journey.

The customer journey isn’t linear. A traditional marketing funnel neglects to address the current psychology our customers are managing. Pandemic, exhaustion, digital overwhelm.

If we can deeply understand their customer journey – and understand how to best encourage them at every step – then we can make huge strides in serving people (and closing sales).

Step 6: Use content as the VOICE of your strategy.

Step 6: Use content as the VOICE of your strategy.

Content is anything you write / design to communicate with other people about your business. Emails, social media posts, videos, flyers, blogs, the list goes on. Creating content that folks WANT to connect with is paramount for building your business.

People want to be able to find you easily through Google then determine whether they trust you – all within less than 30 seconds. So every single piece of content you create MUST capture their attention, show they can trust you, provide value QUICKLY (under 30 sec), and show they can get more value (often also free or low cost).

By using content as your voice of strategy, everything you create ties back to the same hub, the same mission, the same goal. This helps customers stay focused and feel secure in trusting you. You know what you are doing and you are doing what you know. That’s credibility right there.

Step 7: Develop a list of quarterly priorities and live by the calendar!

Step 7: Develop a list of quarterly priorities and live by the calendar!

Using your understanding of your customer’s journey, market research, and how your services TRULY help your clients, the next step needs to be creating a list of quarterly priorities.

  • Which marketing platform do you want to try?
  • What is your gut telling you will give you the highest ROI?
  • What content are you going to be creating for those platforms?
  • How are you going to track your results?
  • How do you need to shift your schedule so that you have time to focus on these priorities?

Only focus on one quarter as a time. This gives you enough time to see if something is really working or not. And also empowers you to make tweaks and fresh priorities each quarter based on what you’ve learned.

Then you WRITE IT ALL DOWN. Create one GIANT wall calendar. Every task should be given a specific time in the week when you will complete it. And then live. by. that. calendar.

If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen. Plain and simple.

Step 8: Measure what matters.

Step 8: Measure what matters.

Now that you’ve been experimenting with your quarterly calendar, you want to assess what is working and what isn’t.

There are a wide range of metrics that you can track, but focus on what is directly related to your top priorities.

Trying to sell a course? Focus on your conversion rate on your website instead of how many Facebook followers you have.

Trying to book public speaking gigs? Focus on measuring your engagement rate on your social media channels and maximize your profiles to show off your expertise.

Once you start to see trends of what is working, make new goals next quarter with that information in mind.

Step 9: Call in a second pair of eyes.

Step 9: Call in a second pair of eyes.

Over and over, our team has seen how often small business owners latch onto new shiny tools without understanding how to use them. Without strategy, those tools are just paperweights.

Strategy is where we shine.

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