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The name SpinFrogs is really unique and I get asked all the time how I came up with the name. So here is the story of SpinFrogs and how it came to be!

Often times business owners spend a lot of resources spinning their tires trying to reach their goals. They end up frustrated or confused why their marketing plan didn’t work the way they thought it would, or where all their money went.

More times than not, it had to do with the message they were spinning to their clients. They didn’t realize the message they were sending didn’t relate to their clients because they were to close to the message or they didn’t look at how the colors impacted what the message was really saying…or the business owner was too busy to really track the results to know for sure if it was working or not.

Effective marketing always comes down to the story we spin. And while there are a million and one ways to market and advertise, like flies, the ideas are everywhere, it’s about the ideas we catch that have the greatest impact. Like a frog we can only catch one idea at a time. The idea we catch and implement needs to be the one that will hold the greatest impact.

So when I got to thinking about it marketing is like a frog trying to catch the biggest baddest fly in town for lunch!

Something not many people know about Terri is she has a passion for art, particularly clay pottery. So spin in the name has one additional meaning, spinning pottery on a wheel.

And that is how SpinFrogs was born!

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