I was talking with my business coach today, and if you don’t have one I highly recommend getting one for yourself in 2019. Not only is she a wealth of information, she helps me keep my head on straight and focus on what makes sense for my business. – Side track – 

In this conversation we were talking about these aps that seem to promise the world and actually deliver very little of it. I did a social media post about one organization in particular the other day that talks about one company who is a “Virtual Marketing Department” aside the fact that they are false advertising, they only handle the cookie cutter templated digital stuff our digital space is already filled with.  

So you may be asking, what’s missing? Isn’t the world digital now?

Let me ask you this, can you touch the digital world? What does it feel like? 
Can you taste the digital world? What does it taste like? 

Other than seeing, and hearing the digital space do you engage any other senses to interact there?

So then how can the digital space be the only way to attract and engage clients? 

I know this is an old school thought, but hang here with me for a moment. What if, the digital space was only meant to be an extension of the physical space in which we reside? 

“What do you mean?” You are likely asking. 

What I mean is a traditional marketing department or person inside your organization can know not only your industry, but your community, physical location, strategic partners, competition, and they can immerse themselves in your brand and brand experience. 

If we solely rely on digital means of communication, marketing, branding, are we not leaving that immersive experience behind? 

At this point you are trying to think of the ways Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Google has made you feel valued as a client. You are trying to think of how they taste and smell to be in their presence. Perhaps you are even thinking about how they have impacted your life intrinsically through spiritual or personal growth. – Great! Keep thinking…

No really I will wait…

What have you come up with?

Occasionally we feel anger, pain, grief, joy, laughter, excitement when we scroll our Facebook news feeds looking at news articles, politics, acquaintances and death. But then the glimmer of hope, happy funny puppy/ kitty/ animal video of your choice that keeps you hooked and coming back for more.

We have similar experiences on all the social networks because they are a quick and easy way to keep up with our friends and families without having to make a phone call. 

What about Google? 

We have come to rely on Google for credible information on different topics. What if I told you Google isn’t as credible as you have come to believe it is?

It would break your heart to know they manipulate the results based on the news and other factors out of your control because that would mean they are manipulating media… and they can’t do that… Can they? So now we feel duped, double crossed, confused, and lost.  

So would it be safe to say the digital space hasn’t been the most pleasant experience? Yet we as a society are pushing to be here more and more. 

Let’s Rewind Time

Before the interweb and personal computers…early 70’s maybe even before then – what was life like? How did people meet their spouses? How did they find work? How did they start businesses? How did they live? – I have asked these questions many many times in my life as I have grown up with technology since elementary school.

I don’t know what it is like to not have a cell phone or a computer in the house, so this concept of no tech is as foreign as French is to me. 

From what I know through history books, conversations with my elders and whatnot, it was a time of EXPERIENCE.

You had to know someone who knew someone you should meet, to find your spouse. You had to know something and show someone the something you knew, for them to say they needed that to hire you for a job. You had to know something about organization, people, and motivation to run a business.

You had to create a product and brand that stood by their word and looked out for the customer because that was what it took to be successful. Your business had to do that to get people to talk about you so more people would come to you than go up the road.

There were less businesses to compete with and more businesses to collaborate with. – in the real world it was simple. It was hard, because the technology didn’t exist to make client feedback easy to obtain. There was no way to track and measure your success other than the dollars and cents in the cash drawer. But you connected on a personal and emotional level with every person you met…and you only knew the people you met. 

Moral of the story

If we only focus on digital spaces for our brand presence, experience, and engagement, we are missing out on the personal touch of the conversation, the experience, and all of the senses that contribute to the memories you want your prospects to have when working with your brand. 

A brand is more than digital deep. Stop selling yourself short!