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Marketing for Law Firms & Independent Attorneys

Marketing for Law Firms & Independent Attorneys

The legal field is one of the most competitive spaces out there, but luckily these days law schools are even giving future attorneys a primer in marketing basics. SEO pro Chris Walker even states that some law school courses even touch upon SEO basics. Marketing for...

Points of Contact It Takes To Get Closed Business

From our video here: https://youtu.be/AatB0RxRngI Video Transcription: Hey friends, Terri Watkins here with SpinFrogs. Just wanted to jump on and do a quick video today, talking a little bit more about the number of points of contact and how to do contact in such a...

Making Facebook Groups and Livestreaming: A Tutorial

Here is a video of a Zoom call tutorial to walk you through this, with transcription below. https://youtu.be/TsVkU2L_vYs Video Transcription: So the first thing you guys want to do is learn how to set up groups, right? So if you're in your Facebook, this is your...

Adding Value With A PIVOT & Lifetime Customer Value

Crises scenarios and recessions are tough to navigate, but seeking ways to increase the value of our product offerings is the best way to survive the hardship. It sounds easy to say, but people frequently report coming up short when they sit down to brainstorm. We'll...

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