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Using Social Media As The Window Into Emotional Connection

Using Social Media As The Window Into Emotional Connection

Last week I had some friends over for dinner and we were just catching up, chatting about what we are working on like usual. But after the dinner my friend sent me a message about the things they took away from the conversation. That is what inspires this post today....

Power of Presence – Managing Your Reputation

A few weeks ago now my husband and I were looking for places to stay with our dog out of town. Seemed straightforward enough. Both of us being heavy Google users (and marketing people), we took to the internet. Here is where managing your digital reputation comes into...

Marketing Mixed Nuts – The 4 Crucial P’s of Marketing

Who doesn't love mixed nuts? I mean if you are allergic you may not, but if you like mixed nuts then you will love this post and analogy! So what is the marketing mix? This term actually refers to how your product or services are positioned in the eye of the consumer....

A Marketing Definitions Update Businesses Need: Augmented Reality

When I first started SpinFrogs I made a series of videos called "Idea Minute" on my YouTube page. These videos were 1 minute long marketing terms and definitions that are used daily in the marketing world, but ones that most business owners I come across are not...

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