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Personalizing Your Marketing

New technologies for your small business save time and make all of the moving pieces involve with marketing a lot easier to manage. Here are some basic steps toward personalizing your marketing. Connecting With Your Target For the past few years, the world has seen...

How To Respond To Negative Customer Reviews

How To Respond To Negative Customer Reviews

Here are some tips I help coach my clients on: 1) Always respond - you never want to have a bad review go unnoticed.  2) Always offer to take the conversation off line - you don't want to get into a back and forth in front of the whole world. 3) When you speak to the...

Tips For Gaining Effective PR

Tips For Gaining Effective PR

As a marketing consultant I look for ways to get free publicity for my clients as often as possible. PR is all about creating news worthy events within your business. Here are some of the ways I have used and have seen others use: 1) Expand your business - Either hire...

The Benefits of Genuine Marketing Consulting & Planning

There are a lot of terms in the marketing world with confusing context. A lot of that comes down to sales — people will call themselves certain things or reference terms and credentials because they sound impressive, even when doing so confuses the issue. In this...

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