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How Does Gamification Work With Your Marketing?

Whether you are a gamer in real life or you just know someone who is, you know how addicting games can be. The theory of gamification is analyzing video game elements and incorporating them into our businesses to make our them fun and addicting to engage with....

How Rest Affects Your Marketing

Last year I did a video on the power of taking a break. You can watch that here if you would like. It seems silly that we have to be reminded to take a break. Even our watches now remind us to GET UP and take a break. Our society has...

Facebook’s Constant Notifications and Points of Contact

If we look at the article on 140 points of contact to capture attention then you get a better understanding of the methods behind Facebook (social media in general) notifications. Imagine for a moment that you have a lot going on in life. This probably isn't difficult...

How Many Touches Does It Really Take To Get The Business in 2019?

As a marketing person, this is a common question from business owners. Sometimes they hear 5; other times they hear 20. So what is the truth? Traditionally speaking... 7 points of contact was the sweet spot for closing 80% of the business opportunities you have on the...

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