BU Mastermind

Are you a high achiever who is stuck at the same consistent performance? Doesn’t seem to matter how many connections you make or books you read, you can’t seem to get to the next level? Or maybe you are not even sure what the next level looks like?

The concept behind masterminds is leveraging others’ knowledge to shortcut learning curves. It’s similar to the benefit of reading books by experts and gaining the benefit of years of their hard-won knowledge — except in this case with the added value of in-person relationships with a group of business owners like you.

Only A FEW SPOTS available for this awesome group. If this page is active it means spots are open

  • BU Mastermind is ONLY for people willing to do the following: 1) Contribute all in 2) Be coach-able 3) Push yourself 4) Have Fun! If you can comfortably do these 4 things, this may be a perfect fit for you.


  • This is NOT another referral group. This group is designed as a sounding board to help serious achievers break into a new level of performance. We all have a million things that are required to run a successful business. This group is designed to help you bust through the barriers that are visibly or invisibly stopping you from the success you desire.


  • We have a LinkedIn private group established for all the members, allowing members to attend in person or virtually each meeting. This also allows for all members to get the great brainstorming information from each meeting – included in the monthly rates!
  • Lastly, BU Mastermind is NOT for people who are looking to get rich quick by selling to the people in the group. We are a group of successful business people who are looking for a bigger vision for ourselves and our companies. We are working together to create local and global impact through our work and leave a legacy for future generations.

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Our weekly meetings are very diverse and inspirational. So far this year we have covered Clarity, SMARTER goal setting with alignment, Mobile marketing, Agile marketing, and challenges our business community is facing.

Our added BONUS is a book of the month club that we are starting in July, so no matter where we are in our business, we are always on the same page! Hope to see you at the next meeting! 

Join us for the first Triad Mastermind, BU Mastermind! This group will help you find the missing key you need to unleash your next level of success! Here is what other’s have to say about working with Terri Watkins and Kaye Bonnick…

Terri has been a great addition to our team as a marketing consultant. She brings tremendous energy and creativity to our operations. We highly recommend her to folks who need help getting their businesses off the ground.

Erik Harvey

Legal Partner, Bennett Guthrie Latham PLLC

For the first time in my adult life, because of Kaye Bonnick’s exquisite and insightful coaching, I now have the confidence, desire, and sense of being unstoppable to achieve my life long dreams; indeed, dreams that I had largely given up on before.

It is therefore, with utter and authentic delight that I author this testimonial to support Mrs. Bonnick in the work she does as a professional coach.

Sherlock L. Graham-Haynes


Terri is such an expert at what she does. She has an incredible depth of knowledge into the world of marketing, Google SEO, and a passion for making small businesses thrive. I have truly enjoyed working with her so far, and look forward to working with her again in the future!

Marissa Joyce

Marketing Director, Black Mountain Chocolate

Why do you need this mastermind? Why is now the greatest time ever to join? 

We truly believe proximity is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and this is the first ever group in the Triad to bring people together in this way. Not to mention that it’s the only place you can have this kind of access to Terri and Kaye personally every month.

You’ll get access to the best brands in the world through the American Marketing Association. Once per month the AMA takes over our Mastermind hour to give us the latest in marketing news, technology, and best practices. If you are a member of this group you can come to that for FREE! Every month!

With a combined 45 years in business Kaye and Terri provide valuable insights on business ownership, leadership, and management to propel your business forward faster than you doing it on your own.

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