Ever get to the end of the day and wonder where the day went?  Do you ever feel like you just need a moment to breathe and get your head on straight? Between the kids interrupting bathroom time and employees/clients interrupting trains of thought during the day it is challenging to remember what you started out intending to do. Looking back on the day you feel like you can’t account for hours on end because you didn’t do what you needed to do to make the day a win?

Then this weekend retreat is for you! This event is not only a space to breathe and get your head back on, it is a place to set your intention for the next 90 days. We can make a plan to succeed or we can fail to plan (and plan to fail at our life goals). This event is designed as a mind, body, spirit weekend to help you gain the clarity and intention you deserve for a successful first quarter of 2020.

Limited time only, and limited spots available! 

  • EWLW is ONLY for women leaders (whether it be the leader of your home, or your company, or your job, or your church, if you are a leader we are talking to you!) who are ready to feel peace and serenity in their daily lives, who are ready to enjoy and be more present, and who are ready to make their dreams a reality through a focused action plan.
  • This is NOT another referral group. This weekend retreat is designed intentionally to provide business support tools as well as personal strategies to help you achieve peace and prosperity simultaneously. 
  • For those in attendance we have a FB private group that will allow you to stay connected to each other, this event, and the mindset you achieve when you leave the weekend.
  • Lastly, EWLW is NOT for people who are looking to get rich quick by selling to the people in the group. We are a group of striving to be successful women who are looking for a bigger vision for ourselves, our families or our companies. Together we are creating a space of empowerment, serenity, tranquility, and clarity for your next 90 day action plan. 

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Together we can achieve anything. We are mighty, we are strong, and we are brilliant! Let’s create an action plan for making our mighty dreams a reality!


Dec. 6-8th 2019

10am start time on the 6th through 11am on the 8th

Biltmore Estates
Banquet room TBD

Let us introduce you to our speakers! 

Background: Guilford College Alumni BS of Psychology and Business Marketing, Member of the AMA Charlotte, Co-Founder of Triad Asso-SHE-Ation, Co-Founder of BU Mastermind (business unleashed), Vice Chair for Winston Salem Ambassadors, first certified mastermind leader in NC through KBB by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.  

Terri Watkins started SpinFrogs as an opportunity to better connect the community with the businesses in it! This is done on many levels, and her work focuses in on the marketing tactics that work for your business to reach your goals.

Together she works with the business owners to build deeper relationships through emotional connections with their clients. This strategic approach to marketing includes digital, traditional, and event marketing concepts that are often forgotten about.

Terri has over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience in the small business, local market. Not only is she a published business author, she is also a public business educational speaker. Over the past 2 years in business she has helped over 30 businesses refine their marketing mix and implement marketing programs that have allowed their businesses to grow at factors of 10%-1200%.

With a proven track record of success Terri knows how to help a business launch a new product or pivot a brand message for maximum exposure and results to the bottom line. As a CMO (chief marketing officer) for local companies looking to grow she is an idea catcher that helps them catch and implement the ideas that stick. 

Terri Watkins

Chief Idea Catcher, Spinfrogs

Yamile is a former Public School Educator for almost 20 years. She was commended for reducing discipline issues by 27%, facilitating an increase in student performance by over 10% and increased parent and community involvement by over 12%. She left school administration at 41 to lead a revolution as the founder of Latinas Finas LLC (Classy Latin Women of the Carolinas), a non-profit that EMPOWERS Latinas to COLLABORATE with all Women so together they can MENTOR this and the next generation.

She is the Intuitive & Mindset Teacher at McBride SOMOS where she helps individuals tap into and use their own POWERS by connecting with their highest self, using spiritual and energetic practices.

Yamile authored “Loud, Large, Latina Fina” about how vulnerabilities are our superpowers and the only kryptonite we have is the The Mind. She shares that her upbringing, her abuse and her mistakes created resiliency in self, relationships and business. She also realized as she continues to step into her own power that the Loud, Large and Latina side of her was on the internal manifesting something bigger than what can be seen or heard on the outside.

Yamile McBride

Mindset Master Coach, McBride SOMOS Consulting

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Positive Mindset and Leadership Mentor, wife and mother.

Annette has over 20 years in leadership and training positions. While she was growing up, her leadership skills took over…from leading teams at church and church camp to tutoring others in school, from coaching a cheer squad to coaching a team of health coaches and now she leads a team as a Partner in a Real Estate Closing and Title Agency.

Her goal has always been to help others succeed in life. With success being such a moving target, she helps others find what they would consider successful and then works with them to create a plan and hit their mark!

You can find her posting videos over at youtube.com/realannetterose where she shares her positive mindset vision about Relationships, Empowerment, Ambition, and Leadership in life.  (R.E.A.L. Life)

A podcast is in the works as well.

After listening to her speak, you will find yourself ready to go after that goal, knock it out of the park and reach for another.

Annette Rose

Speaker, Author, Life Coach

Jennifer Mata is a native of Louisville, KY but has had the opportunity to live in several cities before settling in Jeffersonville, IN with her husband Juan and seven year old son, Jaxon. Jennifer’s story is one of abuse, abandonment, and trauma; but her resilience and return to her faith has allowed God to change the narrative of her story. Jennifer has a passion for those struggling with anxiety, depression, and PTSD and longs to share hope, faith, and encouragement to women everywhere.

As women, we wear many hats and often cover our pain and suffering with, “I’m ok”. Empowering women is about learning to be raw and real and reach out for help or reach out to those women needing help. As Daniel Saint said, “ She wore her scars as her best attire, a stunning dress made of hellfire.”

Jennifer Mata

Owner, More than a Survivor Inc.

Tressa is a Reiki Master practitioner and teacher with 10 years experience. She is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and is a certified Curvy Yoga, Vedanta Yoga Nidra and Accessible Yoga teacher.

She is a community partner with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and an Ambassador for Accessible Yoga and a K10 Yoga Outreach Ambassador.  She is an instructor at her home studio, Lovingkindness Reiki & Yoga, PAZ Studios in Winston-Salem and Gym 365 in Advance.

She is currently enrolled in Yoga Therapy training with East Coast Yoga Therapy’s and is a student member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists). In addition she is currently enrolled in the Ayurvedic Health Counselor program with California College of Ayurveda.

Tressa Krenzer

Reiki Master practitioner , Loving Kindness Reiki and Yoga

Why us? Here are what other people say about working with us: 

Terri Watkins is amazing and gifted! She is a pleasure to work with! Highly recommeded!

Roberta Latham

Esq., King Latham Law

Jennifer is a delight to listen to! After hearing her story you realize that your excuses are just that…excuses! You will feel empowered to take on whatever challenge is put in your way and know that God has your back the whole time! She will keep you entertained with her witty quirky personality and the way she speaks will have you longing to hear more! Her light shines brightly and you will be blessed with her words! I am so thankful that God placed me at her table during a company Christmas party years ago, as I am a better person in just knowing her!

Annette R.

Longtime Friend

I really recommend their Clarity Call! Yamile asked me great questions to get me clearer on what I want and how to best move forward! They were very caring, helpful and supportive  If you want clarity on how to move forward in your life or business definitely book with them now! 
Laura McPhee

Terri is such an expert at what she does. She has an incredible depth of knowledge into the world of marketing, Google SEO, and a passion for making small businesses thrive. I have truly enjoyed working with her so far, and look forward to working with her again in the future!

Marissa Joyce

Marketing Director, Black Mountain Chocolate

Annette Rose has a great ability to communicate and connect with people. She uses real life experiences and examples to bring life points that she wants to illuminate. Her passion for inspiring others is unrivaled and I look forward to hearing her speak. She delivers a powerful message merging the most powerful ingredients for success in life and faith in yourself. Annette has a natural ability to motivate and encourage others not only with words but through her leadership. Her joy is infectious!! Her words and speech are motivating and sincere. She truly speaks from the heart and you can tell that she enjoys what she does.

Sherry S.


The most amazing place, the moment you step in you are greeted with calmness, openness and a wonderful positive energy. Tressa is an amazing divine feminine goddess, she will guide you and take care of you to her fullness. Had the pleasure of doing a fulfilling, beautiful class on joint care and awareness with her. This is going to be my place of coming relaxing taking care of me and soaking in all the energy.

Aurora Skye Baca

Amazing what great wealth can build for a home. This is an all day excursion. The house, stable building etc. something to see. The view from the house makes other million dollar views look cheap. The gardens and conservatory are better than many arboretums. The estate is well run and maintained. The employees are knowledgeable and pleasant. The food at the stable restaurant was good.


BUT WAIT…There really is more! If you are still reading this page you can hardly believe the impact we have in one place, but that’s only the beginning!  

Biltmore is beautifully decorated for winter bringing in that playful spirit and wonder. That peace, that joyous exploration and curiosity of the unknown is exactly the spirit we need to embody daily to move in the direction of our dreams. This serenity can only be found in the distraction free zone that is this retreat.

The first 5 people to register will be entered into a drawing to have their rooms comped for the weekend, allowing full enjoyment the serenity without worry of expense! One person will win the room for the weekend but that doesn’t mean she has to stay in the room alone; bring a friend!

From Sep through Oct you can get our early bird pricing. This provides a $80 discount off of the standard pricing which will be released Nov 1st so register now!

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