Ever get to the end of the day and wonder where the day went?  Do you ever feel like you just need a moment to breathe and get your head on straight? Between the kids interrupting bathroom time and employees/clients interrupting trains of thought during the day it is challenging to remember what you started out the day with the intention of doing. Looking back on the day you feel like you can’t account for hours on end because you didn’t do what you needed to do to make the day a win?

Then this weekend retreate is for you! This event is not only a space to breathe and get your head back on, it is a place to set your intention for the next 90 days. We all have to chocies in life, we can make a plan to succeed or we can fail to plan and plan to fail at our life goals. This event is designed as a mind, body, spirit weekend to help you gain the clarity and intention you deserve for a successful first quarter of 2020.

Limited time only, and limited spots available! 

  • EWLW is ONLY for women leaders (weather it be the leader of your home or your company or your job, if you are a leader we are talking to you!) who are ready to feel peace and serenity in their daily lives, who are ready to enjoy and be present for more of their daily lives, and who are ready to make their dreams a reality through a focused action plan.


  • This is NOT another referral group. This weekend retreat is designed intentionally to provide business support tools as well as personal strategies to help you achieve peace and prosperity simultaneously. 


  • For those in attendance we have a FB private group that will allow you to stay connected to each other, this event, and the mindset you achieve when you leave the weekend. 
  • Lastly, EWLW is NOT for people who are looking to get rich quick by selling to the people in the group. We are a group of striving to be successful women who are looking for a bigger vision for ourselves, our families or our companies. Together we are creating a space of empowerment, serenity, tranquility, and clarity for your next 90 day action plan. 

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Together we can achieve anything. We are mighty, we are strong, and we are brilliant! Let’s create an action plan for making our mighty dreams a reality!


Dec. 6-7th 2019

10am start time on the 6th through 10pm on the 7th
Biltmore Estates

Cedrics Banquet Room

Join us for the first Knowledge Broker Certified Women’s Empowerment Weekend! Terri Watkins and Annette Rose are certified by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi as mastermind and weekend retreat experts. Come see the difference for yourself!

Terri Watkins is amazing and gifted! She is a pleasure to work with! Highly recommeded!

Roberta King Latham

Esq., King Latham Law

Place holder for a testimonial for Annette

Terri is such an expert at what she does. She has an incredible depth of knowledge into the world of marketing, Google SEO, and a passion for making small businesses thrive. I have truly enjoyed working with her so far, and look forward to working with her again in the future!

Marissa Joyce

Marketing Director, Black Mountain Chocolate

Why do you need this Empowerment Weekend? Why is now the greatest time ever to join? 

Biltmore is beautifully decorated for winter bringing in that playful spirit and wonder. That peace, that joyous exploration and curiosity of the unknown is exactly the spirit we need to embody daily to move in the direction of our dreams. This serenity can only be found in the distraction free zone that is this retreat.

For the first 5 people to register you will be entered into a drawing to have your room comped for the weekend allowing you to fully enjoy the serenity without worry of expense! One person will win the room for the weekend but that doesn’t mean she has to stay in the room alone, bring a friend!

This venue only has capacity for 35 people. Which means we only have 32 spots available for you! So get registered now so you too can experience the tranquility you need for clarity and purposeful 90 day planing!

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