Playing the Google Game:

An intro course on Do It Yourself SEO and AdWords

This course was created for you. We know how hard it is to spend hundreds of dollars, and time investing CE courses for your business. We also know you are not a marketer, and you don’t have to be to take this course and apply the knowledge.

We are here to give you the tools you need to save money on marketing, give you access to FREE reporting tools, and knowledge on how to hold your marketing team accountable. This is a fast course that will give you the basics to controlling your digital space.

Each video is only 10-30 minutes long helping you take it in pieces and apply it one step at a time. Plus, we are here with you 100% of the way. Just reach out to us directly – we even provide our social media and email addresses to make it easy for you to do just that.

We want you to be a wild success in your business, and that starts with knowing a thing or two about the digital marketing world.

There are 4 modules to this course beginning with the preparation work needed to organize your thoughts for success on your website. We do a deep dive into resources you can access to help you know what content to target for best results. This includes how to do keyword research and leveraging free tools like Google Analytics and more!

Once we have our tools in our tool box and our foundation laid it is time to dig in and begin the work of implementation on our site. We will spend 2 whole modules walking you through the how to’s and the don’ts of content creation, On-Site SEO, and Off-Site SEO. This is your meat and potatoes (and that is saying something from 2 vegitarians) of this course with real life examples along the way!

We believe in dessert here! With that said our final piece to this course is the application of knowledge. How do you hold a team accountable? What questions should you ask when hiring a person or agency? We promissed a how to guide on ad creation. We deliver extra here by walking through Ad Words and Facebook Ads + some automation tools you can’t live without as a small business owner!

About our teachers:

Background: Guilford College Alumni BS of Psychology and Business Marketing, Member of the AMA Charlotte, Co-Founder of Triad Asso-SHE-Ation, Co-Founder of BU Mastermind (business unleashed),  first certified mastermind leader in NC through KBB by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.  

Terri Watkins started SpinFrogs to be the marketing translator for small business. SpinFrogs is a forensic marketing agency, meaning they dig in deep to the business and help break down the confusion to rebuild a marketing strategy that specifically works for the business they are serving. No 2 marketing plans are the same in the end.

This deep dive allows for longer lasting relationships with local businesses, grater impact for their brand, and stronger community ties that help keep the business growing for years to come. 

Terri has over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience in the small business, local market. Not only is she a published business author, she is also a public marketing educational speaker. Over the past 3 years in business she has helped over 35 businesses refine their marketing mix and implement marketing programs that have allowed their businesses to grow at factors of 10%-1200%.

With a proven track record of success Terri knows how to help a business launch a new product or pivot a brand message for maximum exposure and results to the bottom line. As a CMO (chief marketing officer) for local companies looking to grow she is an idea catcher that helps them catch and implement the ideas that stick. 

Terri Watkins

Chief Idea Catcher, Spinfrogs

Background: Saint John Fhiser Alumni BA of English Literature, Member of BU Mastermind, Published Author, 13 + years experience in the web and SEO industry as an SEO Specialist and Marketing Director, and second certified mastermind leader in NC through KBB by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

Brian Watkins started The SEOptimist to provide a simple place of learning for local businesses trying to do digital marketing themselves. To date The SEOptimist has provided 60 articles and 36 educational videos for FREE to help people wanting to learn about the industry. 

Each time he worked at an agency it shaped his skills and it showed him exactly what is wrong with the status quo. There are good reasons some people have a negative impression of SEO and web marketing itself, and most small business owners have a story of their own about web results falling flat.

It keeps happening because SEO is nebulous. The abundance of how-to articles out there about ranking, content creation etc. only makes it more overwhelming. Contradicting points, jargon, or over-repeated tips that are not based on actual application makes it hard to know who to follow, where to look, and what things to prioritize. It doesn’t have to be that way. Through 10+ years of doing this Brian has not only learned a lot through trial by fire, he also come upon several reliable experts whose advice is worth following. 

This gives you an advantage because the content he will share in the course is cherry-picked through the work he has done and the content experts he has followed this last decade. 

Brian Watkins

The SEOptimist, SEO Strategist, Writer

Hear what other people say about working with us:

“Terri Watkins is amazing and gifted! She is a pleasure to work with! Highly recommeded!”

Roberta Latham

Esq., King Latham Law

“I would highly recommend Brian and applaud his creativity, attention to detail and production talent and will use him again for future work. “

Troy Hurst

Owner, Planet Reflex

“The difference in the site was significant – we looked at our Adsense numbers and saw a huge jump in traffic after the changes [Brian implements].”

Alex Garcia

Owner , Wolf Creative

“We’ve had the privilege to work with Terri for several months now. Terri is very professional, dependable and thinks outside the box. We can’t wait to see what the next few months bring with her positive energy and creativity!”

Amy Coble

Office Manager, Warr Pediatric Dental Associates

BUT WAIT…There really is more! If you are still reading this page you can hardly believe the impact you will experience in this course!  


Not only will you get valuable, applicable, practical information in the course you will have access to Terri and Brian directly and everyone else taking the course with you! Know that the journey of education doesn’t have to be done alone. We are all here to help each other succeed!


The first 10 people to purchase the course will be entered into a drawing for a custom web review session with Brian. This will be a detailed analysis and review of your site as it is now and again following your work at the end of the course! This will help you know you have maximized your SEO opportunities.


As a member of this course you will be able to get Terri’s Marketing Cook Book for FREE just cover the cost of shipping. The book is scheduled to be published in 2020 so stay tuned for details. 

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