Apart from our one-on-one marketing consulting and original release of the PROPEL learning series, SpinFrogs has been working diligently to build new offerings to bring our game-changing teaching.

Two big highlights we want to share here are these:

  1. PROPEL is now a hybrid of online learning you can do at your own pace and options for weekly group sessions. The group sessions are to share challenges you’re facing, get advice and ideas, and even leverage the industry experience of others in the group. This makes the training more accessible than ever, and able to accommodate most budgets.
  2. Our easy-to-digest downloadable guides by topic. These e-books are meant as a starting point for someone with specific needs, priced to be accessible to any budget. ($10 or less)

(More on both of these points below. Keep reading.)

The Refined PROPEL Marketing Learning Program

We’ve been through several successful rounds of PROPEL group learning thus far, and we’ve learned a lot along the way about what’s worked best for clients and how we could improve further.

Though everyone who took the course said they got a lot of value out of it, one sticking point for a few people in each round was the time slot. Sometimes people couldn’t make it to a midday or an evening session, and in a few cases people who wanted to join couldn’t.

We’ve created videos for each weekly module, so now anyone who purchases PROPEL can watch at their convenience each week.

Clients are welcome to take the whole program that way on their own, and apply what they’re learning to shift their marketing forward. However, for anyone who has questions or feels they would benefit from a bit more a hands-on teaching, we offer weekly sessions you can attend in addition to the PROPEL content.

Here you can ask questions, share challenges you’ve experienced, or share slogans, headlines, and other ideas you’ve developed from your learning in PROPEL that you’d like to bounce off everyone else in the group.

This weekly learning session is included for those who purchase PROPEL in one payment. For those doing monthly payments, it’s an additional $99. Either way, it’s a value-packed hour each week where everyone walks away feeling energized and armed with new ideas.

SpinFrogs Marketing E-books

Maybe you’ve joined PROPEL but also want something tangible to review from time to time. Or maybe you’re not ready for PROPEL yet, but do have some specific areas of your marketing you’d like to get a tighter grip on.

These marketing e-books cover a few key areas business owners have often reported to us they struggle with: