Here is a video of a Zoom call tutorial to walk you through this, with transcription below.

Video Transcription:

So the first thing you guys want to do is learn how to set up groups, right? So if you’re in your Facebook, this is your dashboard that you look at when you sign into Facebook, and you see this little groups button over here. Okay? They’re gonna click that.

And there’s a button up here that says Create group. Okay, so click on Create group, and then you just give your group a name.

And you can invite people either by their name or their email address here; I would say don’t invite somebody yet. Work on getting your group set up with your images and what you want it to be and then you can go and invite people. So I’m just going to do a test group sSo that way I can show you right now you can set it up for privacy.

You can do members-only or you can set it up for the public. If it’s a members-only then only those people will be able to see that the group exists. So that private means people can see the group exists, but they can’t see any of the content that exists within the group unless they’re a group member. Okay?

If it’s public, anybody can see that the group exists and can see all of the content that exists within that group, whether they’re a member or not. That’s the difference between these two types of privacy.

When I create my groups, I usually create them as private groups. And that’s how most people create their groups because they want their members to feel like this is a safe place to communicate whatever you need to write. Um, so then you can change your visibility in terms of if people general people can find you. So right now it’s visible, anybody can find the group, but again, they can’t see what content is in the group.

Or you can make it hidden so the only people who can find the group are the people that you invite personally to it. That’s it.

But if you’re doing a group that you’re wanting the possibility of more people joining it, then you’d want it visible they are even though they might not be able to see the content. If you want to pin it to your shortcuts, it’s going to make it so it’s up here at the top. So it’s easy to get to. I usually when I’m creating a group do select that option, because then it’s really easy to get to and monitor and engage with. Okay, then you just click Create. Now you get to customize the group. So you get to add some videos and photos in here. You can put some content out there as a post. And you can invite your members to it. Really easy.

So for videos and photos to put up there, what kind of like where do you get and how what do you do?

So I usually um, leverage Canva it’s Canva.com. Okay, and they have a option here I’ll even show you. And this is a great place to create. See, it even has the option for a Facebook cover. So if you click that, you can design a Facebook cover off of the materials that they give you here.

Canva is free.

But if you want a Facebook cover that has page elements to it, you would have to pay for those specific elements. So like see, this one doesn’t say free. If I select this one, you see how Canva has their watermark on it? Yeah, when I go to download, it’s going to tell me I have to pay that dollar for the premium image.

You said just one time you pay the dollar right? You pay for whatever the images, but if I use this one, this one says free on it. I can just download it and it’s not going to cost anything. Okay, can you edit the language that’s on it? So yeah, you can change whatever content you want here, but the background and all will be right what you’re getting.

You can swap those things out too by going to this element section and you can look at the different elements that are available and put different things in so like I can maybe use that element instead of this element. I can delete this element, and I have this one, and I can make it big just like that one was so awesome. So now the text is in front just like it was before. Okay. So you can do all sorts of fun graphics in here and you download them.

That’s a lot like publisher or something like that, actually — a little bit easier to use.

And then you just upload it in here. And the nice thing about Canva is it’s already got the sizes laid out. So if it’s an Instagram post, it’s already got the sizes there. If it’s a Facebook cover, it’s already designed.

That’s awesome. Awesome. I’m excited about that one, because I loved that’s something that I actually like to do. But I’ve gotten back into using publisher to do stuff entire newsletter lots of times, so yeah, absolutely.

So the nice thing about designing is you can upload different images to so you can click your uploads and you can upload different images that you have that you might want to use in your post. So these are some of the images that I’ve uploaded. over the year, a couple of months to be able to plug into my posts, right? So you can upload any image you want, just by clicking this button. And now you can upload your image, whatever that is. And it’ll come here, right? Or you can use one of the previous ones that you’ve used before.

There’s this download link here. You download it, and you can tell it where you want it to download. You can designate where you want it to go. So that way you’re not getting it lost somewhere.

Yeah, so Canva is really great for that. And in they’ll be able to get you a static image for your Facebook. For this image up here, your header image. Now if you wanted to use a video in there, you can record a video and plug it in. Okay?

But is that a good idea? I mean, that’s an ongoing moving, I mean, I would think is still is going to be a lot better to catch the eye and get your message out there so they know what they’re looking at.

It’s nice to mix it up from time to time and not just do the same thing. So I usually in my groups have a lot of still header images. But you can use a one that transitions like a slider image if you want. So you can add multiple images in your header image that slides. That’s fun.

So you can just choose from your photos or from your group photos to upload so you’re going to upload one of your recent photos that you’ve done. Okay. Um, or you can upload a new photo by clicking the upload new photo button.

Okay, great.

And then when you’re doing a post if you want to go live, like do a Facebook Live Why am I not seeing video. You can upload a video there. I’m not seeing Facebook Live as an option right now. Okay, in here I don’t know if it’s because I’m on the video.

No, it’s up at the top of the page. I see it. So if you wanted to do live video it would just be a click of the button and it goes to the Facebook Live.

Okay, so if I have a an existing video and I want to put it out live then I can put it in there and click that for it to go live right then.

So if you have an existing video It wouldn’t be alive because it’s an existing video so it’s already been recorded so you can put it up in your in your videos. And now you’re posting it so other people can see it but it wouldn’t be considered alive. What you get though is you can do a watch party. See this button that says watch party when you upload your video. You can Make it a watch party. So that makes it a premiere. And that makes it something that everybody can tune into wallets.

It’d be a featured video basically.

My other question about that is, if I am cannot, I know you can connect zoom and Facebook Live, that’s something I would like to be able to do. So the free zoom, if you’re on the free version I have if you have the paid version of zoom, there’s this little button down here that says more. Uh huh. And it should give you these two options live.

And if I were to do that, do I start that first? I mean, how do I link the two. So you start the zoom first, and when you click the live on Facebook, it’ll prompt you on how to get your Facebook connected. It’s through an API. So if you do have the paid version of zoom, and you go to the Facebook Live, it’s going to ask Facebook for authorization to connect to the account. You just give it authorization, and then you should be able to go live.

Well, I’ve never done anything like this. So Margaret, you’re way ahead of that. Compared to me, I mean, I don’t have a clue about any of this. So that’s why I didn’t even know what kind of a video you would put on there because it’ll be in the middle of it when somebody takes a look at that. So I guess I wouldn’t be doing a video till I get used to seeing what other people have done.

Yeah, and and honestly, in, you’ll see a lot more static images up here than video images. Oh yeah, um, which is fine, that’s good. And I usually change out my header image in my groups on like a monthly basis anyway just to keep it interesting. So it doesn’t stay the same.

Okay videos that you’re gonna get is going to depend on the content that you’re sharing in the group, right? So if your group is really specific to like, I have my group for my SEO course the content that I share in that group is relevant to the SEO course. So we might post a video in there that’s a bonus video for somebody and if they’re a member of the Facebook group, and they’re going to get access to that video um so that the what you’re going to share in here is going to be very dependent on what the purpose right for Candace couldn’t she go on the momentum Facebook page and sort of get clues about Nancy doing that on that one since she’s, you’re a member, aren’t you?

So if you look at that group, it’ll give you an idea of how to how to set up your page and how to engage with the the audience in your page. And then inviting members once you have some things in here for your members to engage with inviting members is as simple as it’s sitting over here. You can type someone’s name or email address, or you can just click invite, invite, invite and invite the people that you want to invite to the group.

Okay, where it says Create photo video album. Is, is that like you upload and create at the same time, or…?

Yes. So if you click on that you’re going to upload the images that you want. And so that’s meant to be like if you have, let’s just say travel, for example, you’re using travel, and you want to share a photo album of Sedona, Arizona, so you’re gonna have all sorts of photos of Sedona, you might have some videos of Sedona and you’re going to create a whole album of just Sedona, Arizona. Right, okay. And then you might create a different album of Cancun, Mexico. You might Okay, you know what I mean?

And then add put all the videos that have to do with lemon all in that album, right and another one for frankincense and another one from anxiety and another one for?

…Would put all of like the one type of oil or if you know that you’re so if you want to create the album based off of the symptom that you’re helping them treat, right, you would create the album off of that. And then you would put the material that’s relevant for that symptom, like boost your immune system, exactly like an immunity booster, and then everything that helps you boost your immunity, we’ll go into that album.

Okay, so where I mean when I, I mean, I know that when you upload one, it goes into your library, you know, of your library of all the things you’ve uploaded. But when you if you clicked on create.

I’m just gonna use a couple.

But if I wanted to upload an album, I’m going to say I want this one and this one and that one. Oh, okay. Right within that one post, right. Okay, now I got it.

And you can order you can order it by the date that it was taken, you can add new photos to your album. So if that wasn’t all the photos, you can click this button or that button to add more.

And anytime and then you just click post it post or if you’re like, wait, I messed up, and I don’t want to actually do this. Click x, it makes sure that you’re sure you say yes. And it goes away.

Now if you just have photos uploaded, there should be a section it might not because this is the only photo I have. But if you have a whole bunch of photos up here, there’s a spot over here that appears that says photos. And I can see all the photos on your wall. You can also upload files.

Mm hmm. Like if you had a PDF file you wanted to show him that’s what you do there. Yep.

And you can create events. So when you have a group like what we have right now, it let’s say for example, Candice, you wanted to do a Facebook Live about energy balancing, right. You can create an event inside of your group where you can invite people So you can put a specific image up here that specific towards that event, give it a name. Right now they’re all virtual.

So you would say remote, or you would say Facebook Live, whatever you want, you give the description, the time and day that you’re going to do it. And the reason that I’m doing events for Facebook Live is because sometimes, if we just pop into a Facebook Live, we might not have a good audience that’s tuning in, where we specific to you, right? Or you might just not have more than a couple of people like two or three people that are tuning in. Whereas if you make an event and you promote that event, like a week before it actually happens.

No, no, you’re gonna have a handful. Maybe you’ll have 10 people or 20 people that are tuning in as it’s happening. So then you have a higher number watching it at that very moment. So that’s why I’ve been using create an event before doing a Facebook Live Okay, that makes sense. Mm hmm. And then you can add co hosts to. And if you want people to post you say anyone can post I usually in my events, let anyone post but I always say that the posts have to be approved.

I’m making my event, but this would be a great event inside of your group.

Okay, because I haven’t done enough. I mean, I’ve been putting some Facebook Live things up, but I haven’t done it as any kind of big thing just walked out of the church in the Magnolia. I mean, the dogwood was beautiful. And so I stopped in front of it and did a quick post about Monday, Thursday. So if you’re both interacting with the people that are viewing it, not necessarily. So the co-host is, if we were hosting it together, it doesn’t even necessarily have to be that like they don’t even necessarily have to be on the event, the benefit of putting a co host in is getting exposure into their audience. So you want to select somebody who maybe has a similar industry to you or maybe you’re serving a similar audience, but in a different way. But you want to reach their audience, you would maybe put them as the co host.

Okay, listen, I both do energy work, right for most backgrounds or psychology, I think we both are. But so if like I’m having something on centering, or getting grounded are one of those things and our Candace is doing that. We could put the other one on, and that would automatically she would get, she would be notified that she was a co host, and it would share to her audience. Now the important thing with this is, you only want to kind of you only want to put one or two co hosts in there and you want them to know before you do.

But I mean, the benefit of other people who might be watching this later, don’t just randomly put co hosts into your event. So right make sure they know that there it goes before you do it.

Well, and in our organization, I could put some of our instructors from different areas.

Yeah. Or if you and Candice decided to come together. And you both want to participate in this event. Now she can be a co host on your event. She can share it with her audience and invite people to come she can even be there at the event as well. And then you can be engaging with the audience. So like me, I have a group called try it Association, right here. And so when we do events, I, my counterpart to the group is is Kayla pinger. And so when we hold an event, we always create a co host. That’s when verbeck is doing. But when I create a co host, it’s always Kayla, because me and her are partners on this endeavor. So every time I create an event in here, she’s the co host, and then she can share it with her friends.

So that’s just an example. And then actually, that’s a really good example too. You can see this graphic, I always change this graphic out. So yesterday, we had a live event. So I’ll change that graphic out for our next event that we’re going to do it In a couple of weeks, and you can we post things on a daily basis, we always have new posts coming out every day. With our audience members are engaging with us. They’re posting content as well. This is a video of one of our members, they were doing the home opener prayer. So she posted her home opener in there. So we have all sorts of engagement of things going on different posts that we’re sharing, like I’m starting my podcast, so I asked for poll, what they would want the podcast to be named. Um, yeah, so there’s just all sorts of different things happening in the group, but that’s the discussion section.

Okay, go on down a little bit. Mm hmm. In that, like somebody posted a PDF or something out of a magazine or something like that.

Um, yeah. So this is a this is Several screenshots in there, right? I could tell it was a screenshot, but I mean they, yeah. Okay.

So like here because we have photos uploaded, you can go to photos. And my zoom is telling me we have 10 minutes, just so we know. So you can see all of the photos that have been posted into the group since the beginning of time. Okay, okay.

You can see all the videos that have been posted in the group.

And we can see anytime you’re the one who’s posting all of this, right, no, not necessarily No, this one that they posted. She posted that one. We posted this one. We posted that one, somebody else posted this one.

Now you can moderate that. So I have it set to moderate that when somebody posts it goes into approval, the admins approve it or denying. So there have been posts that I’ve denied because they don’t follow our process.

Where does it show that they have to be approved? Where’s the approval? Wait.

So when they go to post into the discussion, it’s not going to work for me in this group because I’m an admin. But if I wasn’t an admin, if I was posting in the discussion thread, I would have a notification up here saying that there’s one post waiting for approval. And they would get a notification. So when they posted there would be a little yellow strip that comes up that says, post has been submitted to admin for approval.

And over here on the side where it says moderate group, is that where you would set that up?

Yeah, so this shows me all of my admin activity of when there’s a pending approval. If I’ve approved somebody to join the group if I’ve removed from the group, if I deleted a pending post or denied a pending pro And then I can give feedback as to why. And it shows me all the pending posts in here.

It shows me any scheduled posts that are coming up.

So lets me kind of as an admin, this is your admin panel basically.

So under create rules is that would where you would create rules in here, but when you’re setting up your page, so let me go back to the test group here. We can set it up, moderators, moderate group, admins and moderators. I’m an admin. I want to content moderation. Did you see the content moderation? Yeah. Okay. We can set a filter in here.

Oh, where did it go? Because there was a place other than create rules. It’s somewhere in here. So I would, what I would do is I would go through your meme moderate group, go through each one of these, because there’s like member requests, you can moderate who can join.

Approval notifications. They get notifications when people ask to join the group, or you can tell it not to. You can create your rules. So when you create roles, those become public on the page. If the page is public, it becomes public. But if the page is private, only your members can see the rules. So you’ve seen like in the US wpm network in their groups, they have rules posted, right?

Yeah, I’ve seen those. Um, one quick question on that is, if when they join, you want to capture their name and maybe email address. You can ask them for that, there’s a way when people are when you’re inviting members to the group.

Membership questions. So you can add a question and you can say, email address. And then they have to type in their email address. So that’s multiple choice. It’s a written answer. Now that’s a requirement for them to become a member of your group. Okay. Okay, awesome.

Because you’re going to have their name, you’re going to know who they are, because you’ll be able to see their members like if I go to Association, and I go to a moderate group, and I see my member. There is members, that’s what I was looking for. I go to members, I can see all of the members.

Okay, but what when they’re like you had to approve them to be on your page, right. So that’s where you would put in they had to add their email. I’ll address or something like that. So if I wanted them to have their email address, we’d have to go under membership questions. And we have a question.

Yeah. So that when they requested to be a member, then they would have to send you and get their email. Yep. All right. Yeah.

And Candice. Since you’ve never seen any of this before, what I would say is go set up a test group and play with it a little bit. And then when you get to a part where you’re like, Okay, I don’t know what I’m doing. Let me know. I’m happy to help.

Okay, great. Yeah. So if I want to even come up with a name for a group, and Ask people. But Should I just be doing this on Facebook Live and say, you know, contact me and let me know what if you’d like to join a group, let’s come up with a name. The thing is, I’ve just started doing this a week ago, and I’ve had, I don’t know the best time of day right now I’m in Pacific Time, although I live in Florida. And so I’ve done some Facebook Lives all over the clock at different times to see. And so if you go to your business page, it’ll tell you the information about when to post if you go under insights.

And if you go in under posts you can see which day of the week has the most posts. So for me, Monday’s have the most engagement. That’s this last week. That’s when people have been on my page. Okay. And the best time of day on Mondays. Looks like 11 o’clock in the morning. See that?

But then, so you were doing it at the same time. Every day to see what what the graph would show, if I’ve done it at different times every single day, then there, I don’t have a regular.

No your graph, your graph is going to show what times are going to be best regardless of when you’re posting. So if you go to your insights tab and you go to your posts tab, you’ll be able to see all of your posts and the times a day that you’re posting. And you’ll be able to see when people are engaging. I see.

Yeah, the the graph piece is published by Facebook, based on what people are in general doing.

Yep, it’ll still have data for you. Because what it’s going to show you is even if you want Have a couple handful of people that are members of your page. It’s going to show you which day of the week they’re most likely to tune in, and what time of the day they’re tuning. It’ll show you that for the week. So this is a week graph. It’s only Monday through Saturday or Sunday through Saturday. So it’s only seven days.

Right? Okay. I just figured since I was new, and hardly anybody was showing up, there’d be nothing to show.

Sure. It should still have some data for you.

Okay, there’s another question I have when I look at my Facebook Live. And at the top of that little box, it shows how many views my Facebook see. And then at the bottom, there’s another word that sounded to me like I meant the same thing. And it said three, like how many once abuse and once it’s something else, so one had a high number one had like three or four people, and then how many? Oh, okay, there was another word. See, I’m not familiar with all the terms, but I don’t know which, which shows how many people actually looked at it. And what’s the other number mean? The number at the top said how many views and the number at the bottom said something else. And it was only two or three that actually looked at it.

There’s a whole bunch of numbers that Facebook likes to show us. So I just pulled up one of my clients, most recent videos. And so when you’re alive, you see an eyeball up here in the corner that tells you how many people are watching you right now. The other numbers that it’s showing you is the number of people who have seen that you’re live but are not tuned in. Okay, so you have the peak viewers on when you’re live, and the number of minutes that they’re viewing. And then you can track when they’re dropping off. So you had 125 people view the verse three seconds, you had 49 people view the first 10 seconds, and then you had 22 people view the first minute. Okay, so that gives you an idea after three seconds people are dropping. People drop after the first three seconds generally. Okay. Your average watch time is 22 seconds. So you can see where in here they’re dropping off. That’s the average.

You see how quickly they get bored and go? Yeah, I don’t care about it. Now, where did you get to that total performance? Yeah. Where’s the video details? blink? Where? How do you get to this box?

Yeah. So under your insights tab, under videos, I couldn’t show you on my page, because I don’t have any live videos, but it lists all of your videos out. And if you click this little thing here, it’ll pop out the video details.

Oh, I never got to that screen. But if I was just looking at the replay of my video, is where above. On the upper left, there was one number that said something about how many views or something and then at the lower right was another number that was very small. So I didn’t know what each number meant.

Yeah. So it’s going to be related to like, if we go to her videos here. It’s going to be related to how many people Whoo, pause. So, see, one of the numbers is going to be the number of people who are watching you live right now. And the other one is going to be how many people see that you’re live. And then one number is going to be how many people are engaging with the post? So in 92 engagements, say there’s what is reached engaged mean, if they’re not talking to you, what’s engagement mean?

So reached is the number of people who saw that you were alive. Or they went on to see it. No, they just saw that you were alive. Okay, okay. engagements are the number of people who click to watch the video. I see or they’ve engaged with leaving a like a heart, a comment or a share. Those are all considered engagements as well.

So where do we find this screen with these numbers because I don’t on the on mine. There was a little number up in the upper right where it says back there was a number there and then it was down one down the lower on the, on the page itself on videos, you’ll see all of your videos. So it’s gonna look different when you’re not live. Okay? So the number that you’re talking about up in the upper corner is the number of people who are watching you write that you’ll see that only when you’re alive, you’re not going to see it in a race.

Yeah. Okay, cuz the people that engaged in it, I mean, I actually could see the names of those, but the ones that were watching me when I was live did not show up in that arena at all. Because their names were popping up. And of course, I didn’t do anything with it because it was just a real quick, something. I want to deal with them and then I thought, well, I’ll answer him. When in then there weren’t anywhere else.

So this is her page. This is your business page. Okay, there’s a link here that says videos. Oh, got it. Okay. Yeah. And when you click that, and you scroll down, it shows all of your videos that you’ve done. Oh, I see. Okay. So this is one of the doctors that I work with. She’s a pediatric dentist here in high point, and she goes on facebook live every other week for her doctor’s corner. So these are all her Facebook Lives that she’s done in the last year. And yeah, so each one of them has a different topic with so you can see how long ago it was recorded. How many views its head so far and how many engagements so the views vary.

So the 125 views that’s how many people have just watched it? Yes. Okay, looks for two seconds or stayed on the whole time. And there are 12. Below that is how many is how many people engaged?

Yeah. So those are all the likes and hearts that you see. Now those are just showing likes and hearts. Oh, so what about comments, that’s not showing this screenshot as a way to see how long anybody stayed on. You could have 100 views, but you don’t know how many dropped off in two minutes till you go to that other side. That’s right, on the other screen, and that’s more every is well up.

So in here, it’s going to show you how many people saw you were alive. And then how many people actually tuned in to watch you. And this engagement number, remember counts these likes and hearts. It counts the comments that happened and it counts the number of shares that happened. That’s what the engagements are gauge.

Yep. So when you’re you go under more and you click insights. And it’s going to take you to your dashboard of everything going on. And if you go to your videos and you scroll down, you’re going to see your most recent video and you can click the more insights button here. And that’s going to show you where they dropped off. Okay.


Okay, but we want to keep in mind too when our audience is on. So if we look at our insights and we look at our posts, we can see the numbers of our members and it looks like Wednesday. This week was our peak viewing, because we have 930 up there versus all the other numbers on the days of the week. Right? This dark line shows us the peak time. So the peak time is five o’clock. It looks like Yep, for Wednesday.

So it doesn’t matter what time you’re actually doing it. Because if I’m doing it at all different times every single day, I’m amazed how this can tell you when you know what I’m saying. How can this be showing who would show up for you? If you’ve done it in the morning have done at noon, you’ve done it afternoon, you’ve done evening.

So I’ve got two questions. One of them is, is it? I did this about six months ago just did a few Facebook Lives. And I did have my business page. And this time when I went on and better to do it on the phone than on your on your laptop, right?

So when I did it for my phone this time, and I went to my business page, it started at the top saying post, but there was no place to didn’t say live anywhere. I could not figure out how to post from my business page because it was no live. Link, no option. So then I went to my personal page, and it did say live. So I’ve been doing it from the personal page and shared it to the business and to groups. Because we do it.

If it’s business related? Yeah, right. Mm hmm. Okay, what I’ve been doing is on my personal one and then sharing it and then sharing it on the not doing it live on the pages. But you want to reverse that order. You want to do it live on your business page and share it to your personal page. The reason is because business Facebook has devalued views on business pages, it’s really hard to get attention on your business page. So if you’re going to go live, you want it to be on your business page because it’s an opportunity to capitalize on attention that you otherwise won’t. Okay? So you want to go five on your business page and then share it to your personal page when it’s done as a watch party.

Did you find those videos at the top of the page? Where it is timeline about friends photos, archive and more. Okay, there’s videos under more.. yeah under more.

I’ll go to my business page. Tell me I’m going back to square one. Yeah, if I search Dr. Canis Burton, that’s my business page, then Am I supposed to tap on my face to bring it to the homepage or tap on the house? Where do I go where it’s supposed to say live at the top, but it doesn’t.

Right. Here’s my question. If I’m on my personal page, Candace Burton, I don’t want to be here that says live and I don’t want to do it from there. So then I go to search and I search for Dr. Candace Burton. And when I go there, it pulls up. It pulls up the business page, but it could be one of them has the banner on it one doesn’t. I don’t even understand the difference.

No. It’s just a different view of that page. But anyway, alright, so if I tap, somebody said tap on your face, and that takes you to your to the page you want to be, is that correct?

Well, if you tap on your face, it’s going to take you to your personal page, not your dashboard, but your personal page. If you tap home, it’s going to take you to your personal dashboard. And if you click on your business, your page should be over here and your pages when you’re looking at your dashboard, so you shouldn’t have to type it up here, you should be able to just search it right here.

So let me stop sharing them here. And let me see if I can pull to my phone. And then you will part of the channel. This is I’m on, I don’t have the app on my phone. So you’re going to automatically load to your dashboard. This is your personal dashboard. Okay, when you’re on your phone, if you click this little button here, this little hamburger, it brings the drop down menu.

No wonder I couldn’t get live to show up on my business page. That’s why I picked this the search at the top and I went to Dr. Kansas under searches. And Bob brought me to this page. I got I got a banner on it. But it starts with overview. It doesn’t say live at the top.

No, and it won’t. You can only manage your business page from the pages app that Facebook has.

Okay, all right. So how do I get there from you, so you wouldn’t get there. From there, you’d have to go to your App Store and download Facebook pages and the pages app as a separate app. And that’s the only way you can manage your business page from your phone.

Yeah. Is it better to do it from your phone or from your laptop when you’re doing a facebook live events where you are, it depends on where you are. But as far as as opposed to going or doing it or anything like that. If one is not better than the other.

Okay, but if you’re on your laptop, you’ll see that on your right hand side that you won’t see on your phone is what I’m picking up. Exactly. Okay, that makes Oh, okay.

Ladies, I’m sorry but I yeah, I grab a bite to eat and I’ve got a one o’clock. Thanks so much for your help! This is amazing.