If we look at the article on 140 points of contact to capture attention then you get a better understanding of the methods behind Facebook (social media in general) notifications.

Imagine for a moment that you have a lot going on in life. This probably isn’t difficult to imagine if you happen to be of working age. Perhaps you have a family, a job, a pet, hobbies, and responsibilities. It is really hard to get your attention!

Social Media Notifications

These happen constantly. The settings are always being reset and defaulted to bing you about every loving thing that happens in a group, on a post, in an event, that you may have interacted with one time.


To get your ATTENTION. To urge you to get that dopamine hit as you check to see that stuff is happening.

How do you stop the madness?

There are a few solutions.

  1. Only be on the social media networks you need. Perhaps you need Facebook because it is how you communicate with your hobby club to coordinate events and meetings. Then be on Facebook.
    Perhaps you only need LinkedIn to find work or employees; it may be best then to only have LinkedIn and remove the other noise from your life.
  2. Adjust your phone notification settings. To do this (depending on your model phone) you go to settings and notifications. From here you can turn off all notifications from everything except the apps you want notifications from.
  3. Inside each app, and each group, and each page you follow and engage with there are notification settings. These can be changed to shhh / don’t bother me mode. It is important to note here that Facebook in particular is notorious for updating the app and removing your settings simultaneously.

Best way to streamline setting changes on notifications

Limit the number of pages and groups you follow. Only follow what really matters to you. If you have friends you want to support that is admirable, but if you are not buying from them or referring them then following their page is just another potential thing generating notifications and digital nudges.

Changing these notifications will allow for peace in your mind, stress relief, and increased focus on your task at hand.

You may even find that when these apps aren’t buzzing you every hour or two, when you’re relying on having to manually check for updates, that you’ll go longer spans of time than you’d thought between checking. Less distraction and waiting to get your mind back on track, and less feeling pressure to have something interesting to say or share something exciting going on.