Clubhouse is a new social platform a lot of higher end professionals are flocking to. As an invite-only platform that is also currently only available for Apple devices, the sense of exclusivity is strong throughout.

As a platform, Clubhouse is largely about hosting discussion spaces. A host can create a space to share ideas with others who attend, and those in the audience can raise their hands to contribute or ask questions. The host can also bring other people on stage as follow hosts with them at any point.

Our experience thus far has been that it’s a powerful place to meet sharp professionals and establish meaningful connections. It’s not a sales platform.

But as a place to establish yourself as a thought leader, and meet those with insight of their own, it’s got a lot of potential. While there is not yet a direct way to message with individual users, the profiles do allow users to connect to other social platforms like Instagram and Twitter for the ability to take the conversation elsewhere.

To the title question, “Is it worth getting an iPhone to be able to be on Clubhouse?”

Well, it was one of the thoughts that went into our recent switch when it was time to re-up our phones. There are tons of Apple devices on the market that you can choose from — so it doesn’t have to be an iPhone.

We chose iPhone because for us it was the cheapest upfront cost out of pocket available at the time to allow us to be early adopters into this platform. And we figured phones are generally the most readily available device throughout the day or while traveling.

But if you’re looking to be an early adopter of a new platform where you can network and share your ideas with people pretty freely without having to cut through as much noise, it may indeed be worth making a switch.

10 things you need to know before you jump into getting an Apple device to join the clubhouse brigade:

1. You have to be sponsored by someone. So even if you have an Apple device you have to have someone invite you to the platform. Make sure you have a friend who has an invite with your name on it.

2. Only Apple users can join – so make sure you only use your limited invites on people with Apple who WANT in to the platform. (Don’t just frisbee out invites willy-nilly.)

3. You get the ability to invite 3 people on the setup of your account, and 1 more for every room you join and engage in. The more “stages” you are on the more invites you get.

4. The app is basically a never ending podcast with the opportunity to change topic on a whim at your heart’s desire. You can connect and engage in rooms with multi 7 figure earners just as easily as rooms with people who are just getting started.

5. When you host a room it is your chance to be on stage and bring others to stage; do not use this as a sales pitch platform. It is meant to bring, add, and show value through thoughtful engaging conversation — not presentations or pitches.

6. Everyone’s mic is muted unless you are given the option otherwise (this includes you as a host). So if you are hosting make sure to check you are not muted. We’ve seen it happen to a host where she talked for 25 minutes and no one could hear her, and she wasn’t paying attention to the audience raising their hands to tell her. Embarrassing!

7. Keep your room moving! Don’t let one person talk for more than 5 minutes. People forget what they came for and lose interest. It is a great way to turn your room over.

8. You can create special offers and promote them in your bio for everyone you connect with to see and engage with.

9. You do get virtually unlimited bio space to share your life story if you want – remember shorter is better for keeping attention and engagement.

10. Remember to have fun! This platform is about being you! It is mic only no cams so go for a walk. Listen in, and engage when it feels good/makes sense for you. It is very low pressure. You can be in 100 rooms before deciding to host one and there is nothing wrong with that.