Never underestimate the power of chocolate chip cookies.

Once I had a client that was having trouble keeping a customer engaged in her service. They were a long time, loyal customer, but they were busy company and didn’t always remember to stay engaged.

She mailed. She emailed. She called. Sometimes they’d bite, other times they would just forget.

For my client, more engagement meant revenue. The more they remembered her, the more money in her pocket.

So she started showing up with cookies. Not just any cookies, but fancy, wrapped chocolate chip cookies from the fanciest bakery in town. 

Her phone rang a lot more after that.

Marketing is the art of influencing moments, subconsciously compelling the person in charge to dial your number. 

As much as we believe that the internet is the future of all marketing efforts, we need to acknowledge one major truth: there’s no substitute for face time.

$30 worth of fancy baked goods will often return more revenue than $1000 of promoted social media posts.

For small businesses, direct marketing (like giving a customer cookies) has a much higher ROI than passive, ambient engagement. 

Our clients want what we want: human connection. That’s the goal. Through social media, through advertising, through direct-response, or through cookies, the goal is connection. Because connection = revenue.

SpinFrogs logo 2021

At SpinFrogs, we are Forensic Marketers.

In other words, we work ourselves out of a job.

We are focused on helping our clients grow so much that they have to bring on a marketing person in-house.

The way we do business is so different from the norm, that we had to create an entirely new term.

Forensic marketing means:

  • We deep dive into the history of your business to find out what has worked and what is holding you back
  • We ask “why” instead of “what”
  • We offer advice and respond positively to your feedback
  • We constantly come back to the question “How can we move forward?”
  • We are 100% transparent on what we are doing and where your money is going
  • We provide extensive strategic plans, reports, and brand books that you always have access to

As you can tell, we truly mean what we said before: we work ourselves out of a job.

We serve our clients in three ways:

  1. One-on-One Consulting Services
  2. Group Programs
  3. Do-it-Yourself Programs

We have a formula for success that we know works.

We are here to stop the confusion, to eliminate the “what did I pay for” frustration.

Let’s chat about how we can help your business grow so much that you have to bring on an in-house marketing person.

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