What do I mean?

We all know that person who clearly has too much on their plate of to-do’s but they are unwilling to delegate the work. When asked why they always reply with, “I love it all and I don’t want to give it up.”

As a business owner, we need to be better about recognizing this behavior, and instead of rewarding it by giving said employee what they want, explain to them that by giving up this piece we can promote you to this piece. And promotion means job security.

We want everyone to be happy!

But what if Angi would be happier doing task A and is only saying she loves tasks A-F because she is afraid? How do we get to the bottom of the fear and help them to see their path within the organization?

Ways to overcome the scarcity mentality that many employees face is transparency. The more you can communicate with Angi about her hopes and dreams for her role within the organization, the more she is willing to “give up” tasks B-D with the understanding that task a is hers to build and control how she sees fit. If Angi doesn’t have that clear trajectory within the organization she feels forced into stress because “giving up” the other tasks makes her feel less valuable.

Leadership decisions and insecurity

The less valuable feeling is Angi’s insecurity talking to her and to you as the business owner. What she is asking for is direction. Who is going to give her that direction? Who is going to help her see that doing tasks A-F does not make her more valuable to the organization, but that being a superstar at task A would make her infinitely more valuable to the company as a whole?

That is our job as the leader of the organization to make the expectations clear. Have open conversations with our team and if we don’t know, don’t say you don’t know. Say you are planning it out and will have a clearer direction in a week/month — how ever long you need but don’t put Angi off for too long as it does not help the insecurity.

Insecurity within an organization creates a scarcity mentality.

Fact of the matter is we can’t grow beyond a certain point with Angi’s insecurities. She has a breaking point for what she can handle without dropping the ball.

The problem is we will find that breaking point fast the more things Angi has to do day in and day out. Her insecurity is creating the scarcity mentality within the organization. This is a limiting mentality that is in direct opposition to growth and abundance.

Helping Angi to find what truly makes her happy within the organization allows us to give her focus toward that directive. When she then “gives up” other tasks it feels good because it was part of the plan to bring on Bob. Bob is now going to help with task D and E. So now Angi only needs to do A-C till we can afford to bring on someone else for tasks B and C.

Its all about scalability.

The more we can lift from Angi the more room we have within the organization for other people, which means we all have more work to do than one person can handle. Abundance.  Abundance means you get to reach your goals and dreams. You didn’t build your business to work day in and out in the organization; you built your business to give yourself freedom eventually while still pulling a paycheck. That freedom only happens in the world of abundance.

In order to grow we must inspire, encourage, and be transparent!

The more we can invest in our employees for continuing education, the more we inspire them to make decisions and make mistakes, and the more transparent we are with goals and ambitions for the organization the more we create abundance. With this model we also create happy employees and happy clients which leads to growth. Inspiration, encouragement and transparency starts at the top.

Like with anything else leadership and empowerment needs to start with the perceived leaders of the organization. These people are usually the owners of the company, but sometimes they are the CEO/CFO or even the manager as the owner is never seen. Regardless of the size of your organization I would bet that if you find an organization with a leader who inspires, encourages and invests you will find success and happy people.

What kind of leader do you want to be?

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