In the film/writing/creative world you often hear the (pretty dark) expression:

“Kill your babies.”

This phrase means that we need to prioritize how much energy we put into all our ideas.

Some ideas are more important than others – and just because we love them (or have had them for a really long time) doesn’t mean they are more important.  

We all have marketing babies.

Some folks love social media. Some folks love networking events. Some folks love sending emails. Some folks love making sales on the golf course.

Unfortunately, when we hold on too tightly to our marketing babies, our business can start to stagnate – or even fail.

So how do you know it’s time to kill your marketing baby?

You know it’s time to kill your marketing baby when:

  • Your ad budget is killing your bottom line
  • You avoid calls from your current marketing contractors
  • You feel resentful when people bring up new ideas for how to promote your business
  • Your business has stopped growing – and might even be on the verge of failing
  • You want to bring on new team members but can’t seem to find the funds to make it happen

Unfortunately, most marketers are in love with their marketing babies.

These marketers have just one strategy: digital ads or SEO or email marketing or producing T-shirts. These folks hold onto their marketing baby for dear life.

But just one strategy isn’t enough.

Nearly every company needs a highly tailored hybrid strategy that fit just for them. Most marketers, on the other hand, will just recommend what they do – and if a customer doesn’t see success say that they just need to spend MORE money on the same idea.

But sinking your entire marketing budget into Facebook ads or t-shirts isn’t going to work if you are neglecting email marketing or your website looks completely outdated.

Fair warning: when you start inviting in more marketing ideas, the waters can get muddy.

Just like one idea doesn’t work, more ideas don’t necessarily work either!

New ideas have to be prioritized. You have to know the right amount of energy and resources put into each one at just the right time.

Understanding how to do that doesn’t come naturally. Sometimes you need an outside perspective to help you prioritize.

Sometimes you have to:

  • Stop pouring money into ads, even though you’ve been doing that for 2 years.
  • Stop emailing your list all the time.
  • Scale back your promo items.
  • Embrace new trends.
  • Or scrap it all and go back to taking an existing client out to lunch.

Knowing what to do and when to do it is not easy.

That discernment is precisely what we provide for our clients because we’ve found that most businesses don’t need someone to just do marketing tasks. They need a partner who deeply understands the possibilities for their specific situation.

Rather than being open to new possibilities, many marketing agencies have attempted to automate their imagination. They’ve become a one-note song. They think it is easier that way, and that “efficiency” will pay off in the end.

But at SpinFrogs, we are constantly killing our marketing babies. We know that we can’t just be a bag of hammers – because our clients are not all nails.

Solutions need to morph to fit each unique situation. By leveraging imagination and deep attention to data, we help our clients find insight. They know what to do. And when to do it. And they know how to track if the idea is actually achieving the results they want.

Ready to find some insight so that you business can grow?

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