Nonprofit Programs

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Are you a nonprofit struggling to survive? Are you tired sick of using your staff resources for paperwork? How is that impact going that you set out to accomplish? Do you ever feel like you are running up a mountain that never has a top?

This program is built for you!

Nonprofits already have teams of people and established budgets but they don’t always get the impact they were hoping for with their fundraising events or their mission! Funding is always a problem, and finding ways to advertise and promote the nonprofit is often frowned on in western society. But at the end of the day, a nonprofit is still a business and a business that can’t advertise to draw attention is a business that is going out of business.

The Bullfrog program is designed to help local nonprofits reestablish a marketing and fundraising plan, reorganize a marketing budget, reestablish a SWOT analysis, and establish a PESTLE analysis.

The program also helps to analyze colors and design in logos and graphics, messaging used in networking events and on promotional items, as well as tips for more effective networking.  We also work to establish a marketing and fundraising plan for stable, sustainable, reliable growth for your existing firm.

Fundraising needs to be a focus for nonprofits, so they don’t have to rely on government grant money that can be taken away at any time. From helping nonprofits connect with a retail establishments for continued revenue to building out integrative fundraising campaigns to generate awareness and impact in the community, that is what this program covers!

With this kind of organization, your fundraising becomes a breeze! The next time your board asks for the year end report you can happily slide across the progress you made this year and the plan for grater impact next year! What a great feeling of joy, accomplishment, and relief!

If you feel overwhelmed by your lack of funding, or maybe you know you aren’t doing what you should or could be doing but don’t know where to start, then maybe it is time to have an objective third party review what you have and help you build a stronger, longer-lasting plan of action!

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