When I first started SpinFrogs I made a series of videos called “Idea Minute” on my YouTube page. These videos were 1 minute long marketing terms and definitions that are used daily in the marketing world, but ones that most business owners I come across are not familiar with.

This is what many digital agencies are banking on. You can watch some of these videos here but I warn you, they are not polished — these are raw, cut to the chase, “what does this word mean?” kind of videos.

My intention with these was to not make them feel like a cheap sales tactic, but useful information to help you grow your business.

One Marketing Concept You May Not Know: Augmented Reality

I know you have heard this term in your passing conversations with marketing people, but what does it mean?

Augmented reality is when we take something that is real and we apply technology to it, allowing it to live in the digital space and the “real life” space at the same time. Here’s an example.

So, one sunny day you go out for a walk suddenly some critical data like temperature, time, etc pop up in front of you from nowhere. You feel like you’ve turned into a robot.

Welcome to augmented reality. Data has always kept this world of ours on its feet. The Internet provides us tons of information. So someone thought why not integrate this data with reality? And that’s what is called augmented reality.

So you know, this cool superhero Iron Man, right? He has all the data in front of him when he wears that headgear. Okay, what if you could have data like that just with your smartphone — a smartphone with internet and the augmented reality software — it’s enough to show you details about anything. Imagine you can scan a hotel with your smartphone. The next moment you have the menu card and the offers they provide right in front of you.

Wow, you have not even entered the hotel but you already have all the required information in your field of view. Wouldn’t that be helpful in crucial decisions in your life? What about moments that require fast decisions?

Augmented reality is able to merge tons of data from the internet with reality. Augmented reality brings any layer of information right in front of you, saving you time and all the hassle that you need to undergo. It is growing rapidly in various fields to make this world a better place to live in. So in the near future, the world you see now is never going to be the same with augmented reality.

How is Augmented Reality Used?

There are many ways to gain benefits from augmented reality (or AR), but it isn’t a fit for every business.

Are you a business that does a lot of trade shows for example? Maybe you are an organization that manufactures parts for automotive or aviation industries? Or perhaps you do a lot of direct mail or print marketing and you want more interaction from those efforts.

Augmented reality is the best way to make your display and print marketing come alive allowing for more user interaction.

From the manufacturing standpoint AR can also be used as a training tool or step-by-step guide to building or using your parts.

Examples Of Augmented Reality

I have seen augmented reality on General Mills cereal boxes, Campbell’s soup cans, and Pepsi products.

Did you know your weather people use augmented reality every day to bring you the latest weather updates?

That is not a giant map they are standing in front of. It’s a giant green screen that is allowing them to show in real time what their monitors are seeing. This way they can tell you what to expect tomorrow or even later today.

Perhaps the most famous use of AR world wide was a game, Poke’mon Go.

(I see your eyes rolling from here)

While this game application is annoying, and pulls people’s attention away from their real lives, it did make augmented reality widely accepted by people of all ages. That opened the market space to use this tech for something more productive like business growth and brand engagement.

I was lucky enough to be part of an augmented reality campaign several years ago on a Christmas card. The card was like any other holiday greeting card, but with the added bonus that allowed for our clients to engage and interact with the card for months after the holiday.

This gave our brand longevity. Not only that, we had clients asking us to do this for them for their upcoming print marketing materials.

Who Provides Augmented Reality?

In the past I have used applications like Layar, which is part of the Blippar organization. They have a user friendly platform and have great personal who are savvy with the tech and provide ideas for creative uses for the technology.

Aside that, there are 25 nationally recognized AR providers and a few private developers in NC that can help create the augmented reality experience you are looking for.

Not Sure What Augmented Reality Experience You Want to Create?

That’s where SpinFrogs comes in. Having worked with the technology before, SpinFrogs is positioned to help you come up with how, where, and what to use AR. We it’s used in a deliberate way you’ll generate the ROI you need to grow your business!

Looking for more marketing definitions? Check out my YouTube page and let me know what term you have heard that has left you scratching your head.