When talking about setting up a growth strategy, we are often looking for long term gains not short term profits. The term could be a year but it could be 5 years down the road. So before you do anything, get clear on the end game. What is your goal? Is it to be a recognized author? Is it to make a million dollars? What is the point of the work if you don’t have a goal?

Set A Course

Much like a pirate who is about to leave port on a fabulous adventure, we need a heading. Our goal is our heading. We also need to plot our adventure so we don’t run out of fuel or resources half way to the goal. The adventure we our plotting is identifying the people that we will need on our ship to get us to our goal. These people our our team members who are our level one client, our clients, and our advocates or referral partners. What do these people look like? What do they do? Any special skills they have? Maybe there is a particular interest they have that relates to your skills and industry?

Identifying the people is part of setting the course because without our crew we can’t even leave port.

Hoist The Anchors

Time to get out on open water. To do this we need content. Content is more than just written word. Remember from the article on points of contact, content should come in various forms to engage with various learning types. There are 3 learning types identified the kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners. These are all represented in the people you have on your crew and in your perspective client database. They are necessary to get to our goal. So we have to communicate with them regularly and in ways the resonate with them so they are inspired to take action and help us reach that goal!

Gain Speed

To gain speed we need to share our content with others. We also need our crew to share our content with their people. Without their help we are dead in the water. This is where creating gamification systems in your business come in handy. Motivate the crew to share because sharing means cool things for them. The more they share your content the faster your oars paddle through the water toward the goal. We can also, and should also, leverage paid media options to get our content seen by others who we have identified would like it. These would be your fans friends, or your clients clients as an example.

Engage Your Audience/Sails

At this point your content has gained traction. People are seeing you and talking about you to their friends. They are tagging you in social media and commenting to your content. Don’t let their rowing fall on def ears. Hear them, reply to them, thank them, and acknowledge their effort. Without them we won’t make our goal. They are crucial to the mission at hand. Their engagement tells the Google gods and the Facebook overlords that we are important, and have value so that we can be seen by others we need on our crew.


We have reached our goals! Staying consistent and having a clear mission helps people align with our goals. People want to see people succeed. So the clearer we make the goal the easier it is for others to help us achieve them. Implementing gamification helps keep people motivated along the journey. Think of it like nutrients, without food we would have all died of starvation, gamification kept us fed so we could keep rowing.

Don’t Stop Now

You have momentum built, you have attention and engagement on your brand. Set a new goal and keep rowing. You got this!

If this article and graphic helped you, let us know! We want to celebrate your success with you and be part of your future goals.

Thanks for reading!