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Marketing strategy is something all business owners know is important, but actually developing that strategy involves a lot of moving parts. With the growth of the digital space that seems to be constantly changing, it can be even more confusing.

But the thing a lot of businesses need, before even deciding what ads to run and how to create branded materials, is to hone their central message.

Helping you prioritize the marketing you need without the fluff.

A lot of the marketing campaigns we review are loaded with a lot of unnecessary items that either use too much of the budget or fail to hit the mark because they aren’t organized.

What we believe is a big advantage of working with us is that we’re true marketing consultants, meaning that we aren’t an agency offering an array of web design, print, etc. services that our consultations are merely designed to sell. The consulting we offer is 100% based upon our feeling of what would be most appropriate for a business given its goals and position.

We are beholden only to our clients and not any specific service. In this way, we function as your chief marketing officer without requiring the full-time salary. Our work together can be relatively short term to rein in your efforts, create a plan, and begin execuation. In other cases we work long-term with clients in this capacity, managing their marketing campaigns and continuing to refine the strategy for each season and growth stage of the business.

Local Winston Salem Regional Events

Events are a great way for small businesses and local Chambers to reach their community — whether they have a networking or client appreciation focus.

Read our events page for more info!

I started SpinFrogs with a mission to support the community. Through the promotion (and organization) of local events, business owners can meaningfully expand their networks and visibility. It’s been my honor to participate, and I hope to continue supporting local nonprofits as my ventures evolve.

Marketing Videos

Check out my ongoing video series for tips and explanations about marketing for small businesses, as well as things to watch out for as you prospect and grow.

The video content I create is meant to serve two ends:

  1. Reinforce best practices to those I work directly with, as a refresher to things we’ve discussed or to augment those conversations.
  2. To be a resource for those who can’t work with me, whether because of location or budget.

The video content is guided by misconceptions in the industry, questions from the community, and lessons I’ve learned the hard way over the years. If you have questions you’d like me to address in future videos, get in touch with me!

Let’s Discuss The Best Path Toward Your Vision!

A Winston Salem Business Resource

While a lot of the online content I create is meant to serve anyone who needs it, the local work I do revolves entirely around enriching the Winston Salem areas of NC. As the Vice Chair of the Winston Salem Ambassadors and a part of the American Marketing Association of Charlotte, I stay plugged into what’s going on in the community.

I love the changes I’m seeing develop. Even though the construction in downtown Winston Salem has been a challenge for everyone, the end result will leave us a city much better prepared for new residents, new business, and a change in direction from its primarily tobacco heritage.

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