Forensic Marketing Consulting

Forensic marketing is a thorough, needs-focused approach to reviewing a business’ budget, goals, customer profiles, and total brand presence.

It’s as much about cutting fluff and making the expenditures tight and focused  as it is about setting new ideas in motion.

Results-Driven Strategy

Many small business marketing campaigns are loaded with unnecessary items that either consume too much of the budget or aren’t productive because they lack focus.

This can make it harder to pivot to new ideas, acquire better tools, and leads to stagnant operation.

Our Focus Is You.

We are beholden only to our clients and not selling a particular service (or pre-packaged “solution”). 

The forensic consulting we offer is 100% based upon our feeling of what would best serve a business to quickly achieve an organized set of goals.

Let’s talk about your marketing.   

When Do You Need Forensic Marketing Consulting Services?

Many small businesses begin by managing their marketing on their own. Maybe they find some early wins, but after while it’s not clear which pieces are working and which aren’t.

They feel like they’re spending a lot of money and not seeing the gains they expected, but it’s not clear what needs to change.

It gets even more convoluted once a bunch of different marketing contractors have been involved — often resulting in branding elements that are not cohesive because they weren’t created together or by the same team. Maybe the message even changed or evolved throughout the process but previous elements didn’t change with it.

This is precisely where forensic marketing consulting can help, and where having an experienced person overseeing your marketing in general can keep things focused and efficient.

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Direct Benefits of Hiring A Forensic Marketer

Simply put, you’re leveraging the hard-won experience and education of someone who has studied marketing concepts for decades. All the reading, learning, attending seminars, and trial and error experimentation to create a track record of success, direct to your business.

Hiring a marketing consultant will help you:
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses and allocate that budget to more powerful alternatives
  • Manage marketing projects with other vendors
  • Coordinate content strategy
  • Improve your conversion rates and close more business
  • Get much clearer on your ideal customers, where they spend time, and how best to appeal to them

Functionally, hiring a marketing consultant at this level is like bringing on a marketing director, but without the typical salary commitment.

Customer Persona Development

Really understanding your audience is what drives any successful marketing campaign. What motivates them? What are their priorities, and what are they sick of hearing?

Our research-based persona developement defines your key customer demographics so you know exactly who you’re talking to in every piece of marketing content you create. This prevents wasted time and effort and maximizes success rate.

Marketing Budget Review & Planning

Putting some accurate systems in place to measure your marketing makes tracking everything easy. Doing this is the only surefire way to rein in your marketing budget so you can allocate funds to the things moving the needle most.

In fact, this is one of the most effective ways to create marketing ROI without having to reinvent the wheel for your business or rely entirely on newly created campaigns.

Branding & Website Review

To ensure your branding elements are all cohesive, we begin with a review of your social media channels, your website, and other key marketing materials to look for any issues that may be holding your business back.

We approach this from both the technical standpoint (especially within your website) and the creative/aesthetic standpoint. These are the foundation of your brand, and they need to be rock solid.

Marketing & Content Strategy

Once the foundation is perfected, the target customer is firmly identified, and the budget is clarified, it’s time to put together a marketing campaign to bring everything together.

We’ll help develop the message, determine where and when to implement everything, and help to measure everything to determine when a pivot is needed. You’ll have a clear picture of your steps forward that you can build your business around.

Let’s talk about your marketing.   

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