Animated Video Creation Services

Video content is big these days, both because of the networks you can leverage viewership from but also because it gets a lot more attention on your standard social media news feeds.

The Top Benefits of Animated Videos


Improved Conversion Rate

Video content is just more engaging. Some studies suggest that using animated videos on landing pages can improve conversions by up to 80%! That means more phone calls, emails, or purchases generated from your other marketing efforts.

Attention At Events & Sales Meetings

Whether you’re on the tradeshow floor or in a meeting room discussing your products and services, animated videos create a polished impression that capture attention and make everything you discuss more memorable afterward.

Build Brand Identity

Live action videos are great for branding, but can be costly to create. Animated videos can still showcase your logos, colors, and the culture of your brand while explaining what you offer, which works great for promos, ads, and presentations.


Meet Users Where They Are

Stats show that 1/3 of all time spent online is watching video. That’s huge! If you’re relying on text alone, you may be missing large segments of people who don’t spend their time consuming that sort of content. Animated videos allow you to meet them where they already are.


Simplify Complex Topics

Even live action videos rely mostly on words to explain things. Given the quick attention spans online, it’s faster and often more effective to show as well as tell. Animated videos do this well and don’t require expensive recording equipment.

Videos Are Shareable

Research suggests that video content gets shared as much as 1200% more than text posts or even photos. That means it’s easier to put your content out there further and get more bang for your marketing buck. If you’re active on social media, incorporating video content is a must.

Animated video content made simple. We tailor to your message without long turnaround times or steep fees.

Empower your social media efforts, give your team more material to work with, and stand out from your competition. At SpinFrogs we’re all about finding creative and affordable solutions for small business, and we believe this is a great add-on for those we work with.

Want to create some videos for your business? We can help!

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