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Transform Your Connection To Your Customers

Showcase Products Like Never Before

Brands like Ikea have already used Augmented Reality to allow users to see furniture in their homes virtually. Soon, retailers of all kinds will let people try products and even clothes remotely, all from a user’s smartphone or computer.

Some Of The Fastest Growing Tech

A few years ago Augmented Reality as just a buzz word thrown around to impress. But it’s had parabolic growth since 2012, already becoming a $5 billion industry. Some forecasts project it to become a $120 billion industry in 2020.

Greater Perceived Product Value

Marketing research shows that users perceive a brand and its products as having greater value after learning about them through an Augmented Reality interface. Talk about putting your best foot forward!

There’s a lot of hype around augmented reality as an industry. It leverages how we’re already using mobile devices and buying goods, and allows us to go deeper with what information we can access.

If you’ve been looking for a way to stand apart from your competition and try something cutting edge, it’s worth inquiring further about how Augmented Reality can fit into your overall marketing plans.

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Augmented Reality in Our Local Markets

AR for Construction

The bid process for commercial builders can be over 100 pages long when you include soil samples, charts, blueprints, etc. In a simple sense, wouldn’t it be great of the process of explaining all the bits and pieces was faster and simpler? More interactive?

By using augmented reality-enabled printouts and other materials, builders and architects can allow others to see what the proposed space might look like on plots of land, as well as making information displays more portable.

AR for Aviation

Those in the aviation industry can showcase engines, parts, and components in tradeshow spaces much more interactively with augmented reality. No longer is there necessarily a need for giant posters, costly digital displays, or big packets of information when passersby can watch a beautiful and engaging demo right from their mobile devices.

Beyond that, airlines can also use augmented reality for training staff on maintenance, new parts and components, and even new procedures.

Augmented Reality In Other Industries

In the automotive field they’ve used augmented reality on higher end models with in-dash displays to display technical information to users about trips and destinations. This heads up display can also share important maintenance information about the vehicle, such as oil change schedules and tire pressure.

In a more straightforward way, retailers have used augmented reality-enabled packaging to show users product demos, instructional content, or even music videos. Imagine walking through a store and being able to interact directly with products you see, and learn all about them on the spot!

Augmented reality has started to enrich the educational space as well, adding AR-enabled panels to historical sites and other facilities. This allows kids and adults to essentially “tune in” and receive information about a location, a statue, a museum, and more right from their smartphones.

The same is true for the tourism industry, where augmented reality allows for exhibition content for visitors without the need for a dedicated tour guide. This way tourists can move at their own pace and still learn useful information about places the visit and exhibits they witness.

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