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As much as you might think that email is old or passe because it’s been around a long time, you might be surprised that marketing stats continue to show that it’s actually one of the more effective means of acquiring new business and letting people know about your offerings.

Why Email Marketing Works

Familiar Audience

Quite often email campaigns are sent to those who already know you — either as customers, those you’ve met networking, or who have subscribed from your website. The point is, you already have some rapport and they’re interested in what you’re sharing. All you have to do is make it enticing enough to spur an action.

An Accessible Platform

Blogs and social media are great, but not everyone reads blogs or are on each social network consistently. But basically everyone has email and checks it daily, regardless of what kind of device they use to do it. You have a longer attention span to work with than social media, and an easy way for them to reply.


A Simple Way To Stay Top of Mind

Not every email you send out needs to be a sales piece. Even newsletters sharing valuable information or news for your business are things subscribers like to read. Maybe a reader had been meaning to reach out to you and got busy, and appearing in their inbox is just the gentle reminder they needed.

Email Marketing Is Versatile Enough For Nearly Any Campaign

Whether you’re announcing a new produce or service, sharing some recent blog advice, or want to promote an upcoming event, you can work from the same database and segment as needed.

You don’t need to start from scratch each time or feel like because you reached out once about one topic you can’t email again about another. Share the needed info quickly and efficiently, reaching readers right where they are.

And if you don’t yet have an email list?

We can give you the tools you need to start building one, and the goals and messaging to nail your first newsletter once your list is ready. As the list grows, we’ll show you how to continue using email marketing from one goal to the next.

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