1:1 Forensic Marketing Consulting

Marketing Control, Organization, and Measurable Results

SpinFrogs’ 1 on 1 forensic marketing services are where we function as your marketing director for a minimum of 90 days.

This is not your typical marketing agency model.

We don’t have pre-packaged services to sell, so our consulting is 100% tailored to what best suits your brand’s needs. (Rather than being a solution looking for a problem.)

So what do you get?

Here’s the overview:

  • 747 deep dive analysis
  • Review of existing contracts: Where are we duplicating our spend that we could reduce and reallocate
  • Audit of existing metrics and reports including but not limited to Google Analytics, Social Media, New Patient Counts, Email Open and Engagement Rates
  • Audit of existing materials – do they match look, feel, and language
  • Review of current marketing technology – including but not limited to Client Relationship Management Systems
  • Unlimited 1:1 coaching access through text and emails
  • Bi-weekly 1:1 meetings to discuss specific Client ideas, goals, projects, and reports
  • Access to weekly group calls/mentoring sessions/masterminds
  • Access to all DIY training materials for self and staff
  • Identify KPI’s of success that lead to leads or clients in the practice/firm
  • Assist Client in identifying a compelling, differentiated “Why.”
  • Lead the team in a SWOT Analysis
  • Spearhead identification of an easily targeted and sufficiently large” niche” market for Client’s services/products.
  • Lead the team in development of one or more customer personas
  • Direct development of a comprehensive strategic plan for marketing and product development, including
  • Recommendations for social platform(s), Identify influencers who could be used to amplify Client’s message and grow presence
  • Make recommendations on current website changes
  • Make recommendations for PPC/SEM paid advertising
  • Make recommendations for traditional marketing efforts
  • Make recommendations for comprehensive lead generation strategies for each area of service – starting with highest margin service
  • Participate in product development discussions
  • Recommend branding, including language and images for websites, landing pages, social posts, and emails
  • Drive creation and implementation of a lead generation program and marketing funnel, including recommendations for effective lead magnets
  • Recommend email content flow for marketing automation
  • Provide ongoing monthly metrics and analysis of website traffic, social media performance and campaign performance to measure progress towards goals.


  • Add on (optional): Social media management – Includes daily social posting, up to 3 times a week group posting, sharing of social content in relevant target market groups up 5 times per week, graphic creation, post creation, and social media ad creation and management with a weekly ad spend.


  • Add on (optional): Email marketing – includes up to one email created and scheduled per week to target audience within your email/CRM system, email metrics, email strategy/formula for the creation of future emails, and the creation of email automation where applicable.


  • Add on (optional): Search Engine Optimization – includes content creation, meta tag management, back link building, website layout modification, local directory management, content review/revision for reader perception and searchability, schema mark-up, monthly reporting, and monthly planning session.
But wait, there's more!
But wait, there's more!
Let’s talk about your marketing needs.

How Is Forensic Marketing Different?

Forensic marketing puts the focus on data and evidence, rather than guesswork or preconceived notions. Too often business owners are frustrated and confused, and go hunting for a “one size fits all” solution.

Marketers selling those kinds of solutions generally are not looking at the big picture because they have their own suite of services, and are looking for ways to make those services suit the situation.

Forensic marketing is based entirely around setting up the proper tracking systems so you’ll never be confused about what’s working and what isn’t. Which aspects of the marketing aren’t a fit, and which ones simply need to be re-adjusted to work?

You’ll know that, too.

The clients we’ve worked with have all remarked that they’ve felt like they have real control of their marketing, that it runs more smoothly with less back and forth, and that their messaging is on point. The ultimate result of that is the consistent growth you can build a team with.

How Involved Are We With Your Marketing?

Ideally we function as your marketing director, meaning that we oversee all aspects of your marketing. Much of our work is coming up with ideas and direction, consolidating the data into a cohesive report.

We can work directly with your staff or with the contacts of agencies you’re working with to steer the ship and take the burden off of you.

The other benefit to that of course is that it avoids the “too many cooks in the kitchen” issue that can otherwise crop up and make your marketing disjointed.

That ends up happening when one person is in charge of the website, someone else is in charge of the social media, and yet someone else is in charge of print materials etc. They can try to stay on-message, but everyone has their own idea and it’s hard to have real consistency doing it that way.

In a larger business the marketing director controls all these things, and all of those subgroups report to the marketing director.

Our program makes getting these same benefits available to smaller businesses without the hefty salary.

Who Can We Work With?

We’re based in Winston Salem, NC, and when we began we worked largely with local businesses around that area. However, we’ve forged relationships with business owners from all over the world via our podcast.

Distance generally isn’t a hurdle for us to work with companies anywhere in the U.S.

We can get needed files and access to marketing channels remotely, and have found that regular Zoom meetings work beautifully for staying on the same page.

Let’s talk about your marketing needs.