Has Your Business Been Affected by COVID-19?

We’re here to help!

You have tried it all, the radio, the TV, the direct mail and even Facebook ads, and nothing is getting through.

You feel like you are beating your head against the wall frustrated, burned out, and just want to feel supported.

With this much at stake, deciding your next move can feel incredibly daunting.

We are here to help you break through the overwhelm and PROPEL your business forward!

SpinFrogs group coaching breaking through the wall

Group Marketing Coaching Sessions

We’ve worked with many businesses to make pivots, allowing them to serve customers remotely, adjust how they provide products to customers, or otherwise leverage technology to keep revenue coming in.

Your 12-week group coaching program is designed to give you everything needed to develop a winning 12-month marketing plan, hone your message, and budget wisely so that you’ll have an ongoing stream of customers.

(First session begins September 1.)

Your marketing mentor, Terri, will help you:

Discover your true “why” so it’s easier to attract customers

Rework your overall message to best appeal to the current market

Identify and master the tools, platforms, and methods of reaching your audience

…Most importantly, you’ll have a solid plan of action and know exactly what to do next at each phase.

“Terri have me great advice that has truly helped my business grow.”

Stergios S.

If you are looking for someone to “shake it up” then you should hire Terri. She is brimming over with enthusiasm, fabulous ideas, and integrity.I loved that she always completed the tasks as agreed upon and always on time.
I would highly recommend her, to help you, with your business needs.”

Linda E.

Group Coaching Closed Signup Graphic

What’s The Schedule and How Do Group Coaching Sessions Work?

We’ll meet weekly for 12 weeks, once each week for 90 minutes. Each of these group sessions will follow this general format:

  • Progress check-in & celebration of wins
  • Revealing the week’s major theme/lesson
  • Open the notebooks for the week’s lesson and learn
  • Pose questions and receive feedback
  • Empowered action plan
  • Launch your next steps with new objectives

The first session starts September 1! See you there!

Terri Watkins offering group marketing coaching for businesses

The Hands-On Coaching You Want With A Helpful Group Environment
(Max 10 People)

Group marketing coaching takes the clarity of our typical sessions and makes it more accessible at group rates. Weekly sessions allow you to learn, sharpen your skills, and broach your questions and challenges to get insightful feedback.

To maximize impact we restrict one seat per profession in each 12-week group coaching session, but we hold multiple groups concurrently to accommodate.

You choose the time of day that works for you when you sign up, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening groups available.

We’ve had the privilege to work with Terri for several months now. Terri is very professional, dependable and thinks outside the box. We can’t wait to see what the next few months bring with her positive energy and creativity!”

Amy C.

Terri has been a great addition to our team as a marketing consultant. She brings tremendous energy and creativity to our operations. We highly recommend her to folks who need help getting their businesses off the ground.

Erik H.

Piedmont Tax Clinic

Why Join SpinFrogs Group Marketing Coaching?

In 12 weeks you’ll have everything you need to stay profitable and overcome the overwhelm.

Stay visible to your core customers with relevant solutions.

Feel good about your path with focused accountability.

Protect your team and your bottom line with PROVEN strategies for marketing in challenging times.

You choose the time of day that works for you when you sign up, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening groups available.

Terri is a great person and has a passion for small businesses and helping them succeed. I had the pleasure of working with her to help with a personal business of mine and it truly was a great experience. She was very professional and made you feel welcome to contact her whenever anything came up. She also gave you the feeling that she truly cared about your business and your success.”

Nathan L.

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Everyone who signs up gets 1 one hour private session with Terri for no additional charge.


All meetings are recorded so if you miss one for what ever reason you will be sent the video and trascription from your group session.


You get access to all the people who register (up to 40 per 12 week cycle) for a master think tank group. This will mean access to other sessions people for maximum exposure on your brand, and feedback to help you improve your ROI on your marketing efforts. These groups are not to be sold to but can be used as a focus group or sounding borad to help you get your message right for your audience! 


Special guest speakers will be joining us in the program to help us refine messaging, writing, LinkedIn, Facebook ads, and so much more! Who? Well that is a surprise! But I promise you they are the best at what they do and I can’t wait for them to share some knowledge with you!

Terri is phenomenal when it comes to marketing by using the REAL HUMAN EXPERIENCE. She understands our why by going deep and asking tough questions that bring true clarity of purpose. Working with her over the last few months has yielded more views to our site and our pages. The more I get to know Terri, the more I know why we have grown into great friends, she is authentic and really wants people to Succeed in their business by aligning to Their highest calling.

Yamile M

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Book a FREE consultation to learn more about the program and learn about how we can help PROPEL your business in 2020!