PROPEL Your Profits

Frustrated business owner at the computer

The first question of marketing is not, “What should I be posting on social media today?” but really, “Do I even need to be on social media at all?”

What if I told you that you didn’t need to be on social media and you could still make a profit with your business?

We are here as a guide to break through the frustration, confusion, and noise so that you can PROPEL your business forward!

SpinFrogs group coaching breaking through the wall

We’ve supported hundreds of businesses in making shifts, coaching them to provide services remotely, adjust how they provide products to clients, or otherwise leverage technology to keep revenue coming in for ongoing success.

Through this experience we’ve developed an award-winning strategy that works in any industry. In this small group coaching environment we walk through each segment of that strategy together, so that you can affirm your marketing game.

Your marketing mentor, Terri, will show you:

 How to discover your true “why” so it’s easier to attract new client business

 Ways to rework your overall message to excite the current market so that you have raving fans who crave more

The tools, platforms, and methods to successfully inspire your audience so that you can count on referrals regularly

…Most importantly, this road map will provide the clarity to surpass revenue goals and next-level your business.

“As a small business owner, marketing has always been frustrating to me. There’s so much to know and do and it’s constantly changing. I found myself constantly overwhelmed and caught up in shiny object syndrome until Terri offered her PROPEL marketing course specifically designed for the small business owner.

Each week we learn strategy and skills with actionable steps we can implement to create a sustainable marketing plan for the next year. Terri is a wealth of knowledge and experience and always willing to help you become more successful.”

Carolyn B.

Ok, so what do I get when I join this program?

  • You will know how to plan out your content: What to say, how to say it, and where to post it and when to share throughout all 12 months. (This program is not a 12 month commitment.)
  • Access to industry experts for specific tools you know you want clarity for.
  • Long lasting strategic relationships that will continue to sow prosperity into your business.
  • A safe place to ask questions and share challenges you’ve been facing for personalized feedback. (We can all learn from each other.)
  • The ability to revisit each week’s conversations as many times as you want (via recording).

(Valued at $3500 by other industry leaders.)

We guarantee you will have 12 months of strategic content plan organized or we will work with you until you do for no additional charge.

*If we see you are showing up and putting in the effort*

It will never be this easy to get access again. This sign-up period is the last time it will be priced at $499.

Get Access NOW:

$499 one-time


3 payments of $199

What’s The Schedule and How Do Group Coaching Meetings Work?

We’ll meet weekly for 12 weeks, once each week for 90 minutes. Each of these group sessions will follow this general format:

  • Progress check-in & celebration of wins
  • Revealing the week’s major theme/lesson
  • Open the notebooks for the week’s lesson and learn
  • Pose questions and receive feedback
  • Empowered action ideas
  • Launch your next steps with new objectives

The first coaching starts the week of April 5! See you there!

Terri Watkins offering group marketing coaching for businesses

Praise from those who have completed the program:

I call SpinFrogs and Terri/Brian combo as my Trump Card in Marketing. They are exceptionally flexible, talented and constantly on the hunt for more and better. Love their approach and team work. Highly highly recommended.

Dr. Sarvar P.

The Hands-On Coaching You Want
With A Supportive Group Environment
(Max 10 People)

Each week we have a video call for 90 minutes with you and 9 other people. The first thing we do is celebrate your wins.

That holds everyone acountable and drives decisive action toward your goals.

Currently we are booking Thursdays at noon.

Get Access NOW:

$499 one-time


3 payments of $199

Video above is Tressa talking about her PROPEL experience and it is less than 3 minutes long!

Video above is Ritu talking about her PROPEL experience and it is less than 3 minutes long!

BONUS Coaching:

First 10 people who sign up get a one hour private session with Terri for no additional charge.

(Valued at $175.)

Stay Connected:

All meetings are recorded so if you miss one for what ever reason you will be sent the video and transcription from your group session. Like a webinar, but better!


You get access to all other participants — both currently enrolled and those who have graduated before — for a master think tank group. This will mean maximum exposure on your brand, and feedback to help you improve your ROI on your marketing efforts. These groups are not to be sold to but can be used as a focus group or sounding board to focus your message!

Access To Marketing Experts:

Special guest speakers will be joining us in the program to help us refine messaging, writing, LinkedIn, Facebook ads, and so much more! Who? Well that is a surprise! But I promise you they are the best at what they do, and I can’t wait for them to share some knowledge with you!

After going through the Propel program with SpinFrogs, I learned so much about myself and what I needed to focus on in my business. As someone with a marketing background, I still found each week to be insightful, strategic, and fun. Definitely worth participating in! There is always more to know and learn.

Ashley A.

We guarantee you will have 12 months of strategic content plan organized or we will work with you until you do for no additional charge.

*If we see you are showing up and putting in the effort*

Last chance to get all this for this price point!

Get Access NOW:

$499 one-time


3 payments of $199

Book a FREE consultation to learn more about the program, and learn about how we can PROPEL your business in 2021!