Marketing For Medical Practices

Private Medical Offices and Holistic Healers

Medical offices we’ve talked to have tried a bunch of different marketing over the years, usually with lackluster results.

Our experience has been that most often this is due to 2 things:

  1. Not properly tracking what’s working and what isn’t
  2. Not being clear on how to actually reach the medical practice’s target patients

Either of these result in making medical marketing decisions that feel a bit too much like guessing. Even when some part of it is working because the phone is ringing, it’s not clear where to invest more energy and budget and which things are an anchor dragging the rest of the campaign down.

It’s understandably frustrating.

Woman stressful over her marketing

When we provide marketing to medical offices, we like to begin with a thorough review of all of their current contracts and marketing expenditures. When we have a clear picture of what the budget is and where it’s currently being spent, we can make assessments about what seems on target for the office’s goals and what isn’t.

Everything we pull together comes from real data; nothing is left to assumption. The goal is to pull everything together into a cohesive, far easier to manage program.

Reviewing the data to determine what's working

Once we are clear on exactly what the ideal patient looks like, what their desires and concerns are, and how we communicate to that person, we can put that data into action.

In some cases the best start is to cut unnecessary spending and refine the rest for a leaner ship.

Other times cutting the fluff allows us to reallocate revenue and double down on more lucrative medical marketing.

Here’s a first hand account from one of our medical clients:

But wait, there's more!

“I found out about SpinFrogs through a friend and business coach in the area. I had just lost my marketing director and really needed someone I could trust to help me make sense of the programs that we had in place and how to improve upon them. My Friend suggested I talk with Terri at SpinFrogs.

We had a great meeting at my office where she reviewed what I had in place and for free found 3 areas I was duplicating efforts that we could consolidate and reallocate those resources. Right then I could tell she was someone I wanted in my corner.

We started working together and within just one year we rebranded and refreshed our colors and our logo, and we were able to attract 25% more new clients to our dental practice and increase our reach and engagement in our digital spaces, as well as helping us to find and secure our brand image in those spaces. I feel thankful to know SpinFrogs and have their team as part of my team helping me have the positive impact on the children in our community one compassionate dental visit at a time. Thank you SpinFrogs and Terri for your support. We look forward to many more years ahead.”

– Dr. Joye Warr

Terri Watkins of SpinFrogs

Hi, I’m Terri Watkins and Marketing Strategies For Medical Practices Are A Big Part Of What I Do.

A big portion of my clientele has been medical practices and holistic healers, and I’ve had some great experiences with all of them.

In two cases the practice grew to the point where the owner felt good about selling it to retire.

Let’s talk. I’d love to learn about your medical practice and how we can build something powerful together.