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Getting the website traffic you really need to grow your business doesn’t have to be out of reach. What if you could learn the basics through a simple online course at your own pace?

✔ Establish credibility needed to dominate local search.
✔ Attract users searching for exactly what you do.

✔ Maximize rapport to convert traffic into sales.

“We looked at our Adsense numbers and saw a 50% jump in traffic after the changes Brian implemented.”

Alex Garcia

Owner, Wolf Creative

“I’m learning something with every module and it’s already made an impact in the number of new people who have found my Scented Balance website!”

Melissa Curran

Owner, Scented Balance

What does this course cover?

Module 1: Getting organized with info gathering and tools needed to keep the rest of your campaign efficient and productive.

Module 2: Learn the changes you can make to your website pages to improve authority and rankings — to get those clicks — and how to prioritize these changes.

Module 3: The things you can augment elsewhere on the web that improve your site’s credibility and visibility, reinforcing your efforts from Module 2.

Module 4: Learn to create and manage ads on Facebook and Google to build momentum right where users are even when not specifically searching for you.

This course has 10+ hours of recorded content that never expires. You can work at your own pace.

PLUS: We have included a bonus mastermind group just for you. Network with, learn from, and support others taking the course with you!

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Hear what other people say about working with us:

“Brian at SEOptimist was a game changer for us. His blog posts are relevant and have helped us move up on the organic searches. We highly recommend Brian.”

Stephen Bagby

Owner, Cool Breeze 1250

“Just ran my first Facebook add using what I learned. Amazing difference [in results], I still need more practice in using these tools. I already got my cost per click down to .46 cents per click.”

David Christan

Owner, K-Town Design