The term mastermind has been around for quite some time as it pertains to business. Successful people like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi swear by them, stating that attending or hosting them over the years has been a big part of their success.

The presentation of a mastermind has changed over the years due to technology, but the basic premise has been consistent.

That said…

What is a mastermind?

From the beginning, savvy people have formed mastermind groups to create a collaborative space for everyone involved to leverage each others’ accumulated knowledge. Let’s break that down.

Think of the benefit you receive when you read a book by an expert on a topic: they toiled for years to know what they know. By reading their book, you’re gaining the accumulation of all their trials and tribulations in 5-10 hours.

But a book is just in inanimate object. As personal as the author might be within the pages, you can’t ask questions or seek elaboration. And unless you’re in a book group you also can’t compare your understanding from each chapter to what others made of it.

The idea of a mastermind group is to harness all the benefits of an expert’s book and multiply them in a collaborative environment. Why learn from only one person’s experience when you can leverage a dozen or more other people’s perception?

How are masterminds structured?

A mastermind group is kind of like a seminar, except that the focus isn’t on one person presenting to others. The mastermind host may come prepared with a focus topic, such as planning or improving customer relationships, but those are usually launch points for a larger discussion.

That’s the key point there. Ideally everyone in the mastermind group weighs in on the topic at hand, lending their specific expertise as feedback for others or describing their own challenges in that area.

Sometimes a mastermind group is intended as a one-off event — often a 4 to 6 hour session over the course of a day. It may even be several full days. Our Business Unleashed Mastermind is an ongoing group that meets weekly so that a core group can really get to know each other and their businesses, and receive consistent support from each other as they strive toward the next level.

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