We have all heard the saying “Never say Never”. This saying has been around so long they even made a James Bond movie about it.

We understand the psychology behind the saying, which is our brains do not understand negatives so a double negative is actually a positive in our mind.

When I was younger I said I would NEVER drink COFFEE or BEER…here I am some years later and have coffee almost daily and beer is a preferred adult beverage for me. Obviously by saying never I put balls in motion that I had no idea about until one day my life is just the opposite of never!

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I open with this because I recently read an article in the local business journal talking about how sales reps should never use elevator pitches.  Obviously the title struck a cord with me being a sales rep, so I read the article. The jist of the article was since this one guy would not have closed this one deal had he done his standard elevator pitch, that elevator pitch’s in general are bullshit.

Haven’t you ever heard of varying pitches?

Every good sales rep knows when to pull out the right pitch and that we shouldn’t only have one we use. We should have a standard one we use for networking purposes. But for an actual deliberate sales call to what could be your largest account, you don’t use your standard pitch.

Train your sales team to pay attention!

Once we know what the prospect needs the most help with, that is the pitch we present.

So in the example provided by the business journal, the sales rep did his research and paid attention to the news and struck when the iron was hot. He delivered a pitch the prospect couldn’t say no to because of their situation. And he won the deal. He did what a good sales rep should do….Listened!

Extremes do not work in sales

Sales is not a be all or end all kind of game. To play the game you have to commit to being in for the long haul. You know going in there will be home runs and there will be strike outs. But the name of the game is not to play in those extremes but to bat in the middle. When we play the sales game right, we build meaningful, long term relationships with both clients and referral partners. When we play the game right we know that when we strike out, it isn’t permanent and we will have another chance to bat later (9 innings to a game right?).

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The trouble with Never is it is too infinite and doesn’t leave enough room for built relationships, changed minds, and situations out of our control to change for the positive.

Same is true for ALWAYS!

When was the last time you were right about something always happening?

Good sales example here, I have found over my 10+ years in sales that when a prospect or business associate blatantly and robustly discusses their religion, this is a smoke screen for something else they are doing or thinking about doing that is in direct opposition to their religious beliefs.

Is it always rubbish when a devote religious person shares their faith, NO!  But it is often enough that I personally put a guard up when I encounter these people. I don’t have a problem with religion as I am religious myself, but I don’t care for it being discussed in a business meeting…not the place or time in my opinion.

So for me personally, I tend not to do business with people who behave in this manner. In the past, I have had bad business relationships by people who behaved in much the same way. Again, I do not say always and I do not say never here because those extremes would not be true to how my business is handled today or how it will be handled in the future.

In this example you just never know who you are going to meet and how that relationship will aid in forming an opinion or perception on the world around us.

With that said, keep an open mind, open heart, and open ears. These three things will guide you to everything you want and need in life to be happy.

Thanks for reading!

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