If you’re a small business owner interested in growing your search engine optimization but aren’t necessarily looking to hire an agency, an online SEO course makes a lot of sense.

You don’t have to worry about traveling to a seminar location or having to clear your schedule for a specific time. A lot of business owners we talk to say that time is always a challenge, especially during business hours. When we began putting together ideas for an SEO course, this was something we specifically wanted to address.

There’s a lot to know about SEO, so we began to model our course based on many consulting sessions with different business owners. Those sessions taught us a lot about how people learn SEO, both in terms of prior approaches we took that didn’t seem to connect and in those that really moved the needle.

Our new SEO course is the culmination of that refinement, and we call it Playing the Google Game. It features over 5.5 hours of learning content.

Who is this online SEO course for?

This course was designed to fill that sweet spot that lies somewhere between a more established company with a budget big enough to hire an agency and a startup that has virtually no marketing budget.

Startups and smaller businesses often only have a few people tops on the team, so everybody has to wear many hats. Often this will mean the business owner chooses to do as much of the marketing themselves as possible.

Hiring an SEO agency can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month, which can simply be out of reach for the business owner we’re talking about, here. For that person, they likely understand that there’s a bit to learn and that information is valuable, and are open to paying for some training as long as it’s affordable and easy to implement.

That’s exactly who we made this SEO course for.

What does this batch of SEO learning cover?

This course is tailored for a beginner to SEO — assuming that maybe you know a little bit or have read an article here or there, but by and large have never really dug into a serious SEO effort for your business.

The sum of the SEO learning is broken down into these areas:

  • How to do keyword research and what to be looking for
  • How to set up SEO plugins and what all the options mean
  • How to write meta titles and descriptions
  • What on-page SEO entails and how to master the basics
  • How backlinks work and some relatively simple methods to begin building them
  • Questions to ask during review meetings — with your staff or with an SEO agency
  • How to use Adwords and Facebook ads

…Even when there are already free SEO courses out there

This isn’t a secret. Any Google search for SEO courses will reveal to you just how many options there are, so it doesn’t make sense for us to avoid that or dance around it.

So why should someone pay money — even a reasonable fee — for SEO learning when there is so much free information out there?

Here are are few reasons:

  1. As generous as many of the SEO pros out there giving away free learning content are, quite often free content is also limited in how much they’ll tell you and used to leverage other paid products. We’re not saying this is bad and it makes a lot of sense, but simply put many of the free resources don’t go as deep as paid SEO courses do.
  2. Many free SEO learning resources are specific to one area. While they contain good information, they may for instance only focus on writing better-optimized blog posts or attaining backlinks. As a result you’d have to hunt down and chain together quite a few of those resources to get a more complete picture.

And of the paid content out there, which is often very good, it often either goes deeper than a beginner is ready for or costs over $1000, which tends to be beyond what a beginner with a small marketing budget is willing to invest.

Learn more about our course here.