User numbers for Clubhouse have soared over the last year, particularly once the developers removed the Apple-only restriction and brought the app to Android users.

Some sources have listed a valuation of $4 billion — though it’s not always clear how that’s determined when using the app itself costs nothing. Apart from, like is true with Facebook, how the company makes money from user data.

The early value of using Clubhouse seemed most evidently to be the ability to demonstrate credibility to a new audience that could tune in and really know you as a person, what you’re about, in a more direct way than other platforms. Clubhouse has value because it turns presentation into conversation.

In marketing we often talk about the importance of making it about the customer and not yourself, it can be tricky to pull off. But it’s something that many felt was very natural to do on Clubhouse; something both rewarding emotionally but also in that the goodwill earned with listeners could mean referrals or indirect opportunities to sell.

It’s A Powerful Place To Create Testimonials In Real Conversations

Showcasing your value by participating in discussions related to what you offer creates the opportunity for other like-minded people to support you, back up what you’ve said, or even to give examples of success with the things you’re recommending.

Those that know you and have worked with you can share that experience in a very organic way to others.

And of course it’s an opportunity for you to be gracious and uplift others. Establish yourself as a giver and a leader in a space far less crowded with a newsfeed full of noise.

Taking The Conversation Off Clubhouse and Onto Your Website

Insofar as you can directly promote your offerings, many users have wondered what to even share. Since it’s not a platform for direct pitches and the rapport one builds must be used wisely, it doesn’t make sense to send listeners to a Facebook page (for instance).

That ends up being like trying to use one conversation to schedule another one rather than leveraging another opportunity to provide value.

Creating specific pages on your website set up to address questions you’re receiving or provide a resource for the user to engage with is far more powerful.

If you find yourself frequently having conversations about something specific you can help people with, referring people to an easy to remember page on your site is a way to continue showing value.

You’ll answer questions or give advice they can use right away, and can link them into other resources you offer. Perhaps that’s an e-book, a newsletter, or even a specific service that makes sense as a next step for them.

Last tip for monetizing on Clubhouse

Take advantage of your Clubhouse profile. This space is your credibility builder!

Remember the top 3 lines are the first thing people see before expanding your profile, so make them the most important things people need to know about your results.

Make sure to include in your profile your give-a-way/opt-in to get the users into your email list. This allows you to move the conversation and relationship into a 1 on 1 setting – where most people are most comfortable.

These 2 things really move the needle for people in the Clubhouse space in terms of monetization.

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