New technologies for your small business save time and make all of the moving pieces involve with marketing a lot easier to manage. Here are some basic steps toward personalizing your marketing.

Connecting With Your Target

For the past few years, the world has seen content grow and grow in both popularity and importance. The American Graphics Institute believes that content is going to continue to grow for at least the next two to five years. When we are talking about content we are focusing on materials that are used to communicate and draw in a target market through videos, graphics, and written articles.

The basic content that is often seen is graphics. These tell your target market about something important happening in relation to your company. Here is an example of a graphic I have used to advertise an event. These graphics can be very effective when made with taste. A great, free app that can help you make graphics is Canva.

Rising in popularity are informative videos. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook updates, you can go live and talk to your customers right then and there. If that seems daunting, you can record a video and then upload it – that way you’re sure to get the right outcome. If you want to make your video even more effective, add subtitles so that audiences can view your video without sound.

Marketing Automation & What It Can Do For You

Marketing automation is a fairly new technology that allows businesses to pre-plan repetitive tasks such as emails, social media posts, and similar office work. This innovation has had a significant impact on marketing seeing as 67% of marketers rely on marketing automation and 21% plan to start using it within the next year.

If you have not started using marketing automation tools yet, let me explain how this can help your business – especially if it is a small or mid-size business. To begin, this will save you so much time and tedious labor. For example, your company sends a weekly newsletter on Monday morning at 7 AM. Instead of typing out who will receive it, being sure to send it at 7 AM and making sure the details are all proper you could simply use a website to do it for you, such as MailChimp. MailChimp would allow you to make a group of the recipients, set the time and date for it to go out in advance, and even provide a visually appealing layout.

Doesn’t that sound easier? Okay, you’re still not convinced.

Say you’re the owner of a small business and going on vacation for a week. You know how important social media is to your brand but you don’t want to focus on work while away. You can pre-plan all of your posts with photos, captions, locations, and when it will be posted. Now you can enjoy your trip, work free. To make it even better, using these planning tools you can cut down on the time usually spent on these tasks and work on something else or alleviate labor.

The other and probably more important point about marketing automation is it allows brands to be agile when it comes to capturing, creating, and sharing content that is custom for your individual audiences. That means the automation tools are not a set and forget system but a set, modify, monitor, modify, monitor system that allows for quick response and changes to your customers needs.

Helpful Programs For Scheduling & Automation

There are a variety of free websites or inexpensive plans that small businesses can use to make marketing easier. When it comes to marketing automation, websites like Hootsuite and MailChimp are popular. If you are looking to track the status of prospect clients, Salesforce is one of the most popular, but expensive. Insightly is a great dupe and it has a free trial for you to try it out first.

Canva is an awesome tool that allows you to make attractive graphics. Stock photos can help if you aren’t one to snap a photo of everything. Pexels and Pixabay offer a variety of free images. Another form of content that is growing is videos because our attention span is that of 5 seconds. Motion images like videos and gifs capture attention so you can get your message across.

You don’t have to be on video to do video. There are useful tools out there allowing for animated videos, podcasts, and gif makers that allow you to create custom content your fans want. 

So What Is Personalized Marketing?

Personalized marketing is how companies analyze data from various platforms to deliver individualized content that targets specific types of user. One of the best benefits from personalized marketing is that it provides a better customer experience which leads to brand loyalty.

Capture: This is the first stop of personalized marketing, by allowing a program to capture data from your website you can keep track of website visits, time on the site, clicks, shopping carts, purchasing history, and basically any actions that are done on your website.

Analyze: Now you want to look at the data you captured and find ways to make your customer’s website experience more effective. If you find that most people who view post A also view post D during their visit, you should link those posts to each other. After you have analyzed, you should be able to recommend relevant content to your customer.

Act: Now that you have figured out your customer through analyzing their process on your website, allow the tool you are using to do their job. It is okay to mess around with the tool and test out some theories, but do not overstep.

Key Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Need

Know your audience: This is something everyone always says, and that is because it is the foundation of your business. You have to understand who you are targeting — and more importantly if they are the correct target. In order to know your target, you must understand where they hang out (which platforms they use), how they use those platforms and what they will respond to.

Have an online presence: In 2019 being online and social is more important than ever, and only growing. It is important to have social media that relate to your target. Once you have figured out which channel to use, you should boost your social media content so that it is can be advertised and seen by more in your target. In all industries, online reviews are growing in importance too. Whether you provide customer service, products or counseling – people are going to look for reviews on past experiences with you.

Embrace marketing automation: As previously discussed, marketing automation has a multitude of benefits for small businesses. These tools can free up your time, relieve labor, allow you to be more consistent, and much more.

Try out new ideas: Finally, if you have a theory about what will make your business grow – try it. This is not to say put all of your eggs in one basket, but you will never know if something works if you don’t try.

The Best Marketing Campaigns In History Have One Thing In Common

They all speak truth on their given topic.

Nike — Just Do It — is a brand built for athletes and inspires and motivates normal people to become more active.

Dove — Every woman is beautiful — sharing a message that most women struggle with and letting them know they are not alone and they are beautiful.

Wendy’s — always fresh — they want to help you feel good about the food you are eating in their restaurants because they are mom on the road.

All true, all genuine, and all provoke a clear FEELING in the minds of the customers. Whether you are or are not a fan of these brands, they have created marketing history with their campaigns and it comes down to KNOWING their audience and speaking their truth.

Need help finding your story? Give us a call today! We love helping businesses like yours craft the story and create the strategy for sharing it with the world.