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Hey friends, Terri Watkins here with SpinFrogs. Just wanted to jump on and do a quick video today, talking a little bit more about the number of points of contact and how to do contact in such a way that you’re not obnoxious.

So earlier this week, I wrote a blog about the number of points of contact it takes to get a sale. And in the 1950s, there was a study done on the power of seven, seven points of contact in order to stand out and develop a relationship where somebody decides they want to work with you.

This was during the 1950s when we have less than 500 ads in our face a day. In today’s marketplace, this is 2019 now, so these numbers are based off of 2018. So based in 2018, we on average saw between 4-10 thousand ads a day. That’s between radio, TV, billboards, ads and magazines, ads on Facebook ads in our email, ads, ads, ads, there’s a lot competing with our attention.

So if you’re paying attention to this, then hear this when I say the only way to stand out and get somebody’s attention in today’s world, is to contact them over 140 times everybody, one for zero. So 140 times.

Okay, so how do you contact somebody 140 times without being downright obnoxious? That’s a great question. So here’s a tip.

Try to diversify the type of content that you’re sharing.

Some people like to listen to what I’m saying. Some people like to see me and they like to see images about what I’m talking about. Other people like to read. So with that in mind, we want to help points of contact with all of these people in a variety of different ways with how they like to communicate. I personally tend to meet people out at networking events.

So when I meet somebody at a networking event, I usually follow up with them within 48 hours with an email, or a phone call, saying, hey, it was such a nice time to meet you I’m so glad we got a chance to talk is there may be a time that we can schedule a one to one that I might be able to learn a little bit more about your business, and how I can help you grow.

That usually results in having a coffee meeting or a wine meeting, where we get to talk a little bit more about that person’s passions and what really brought them into the business. Right. So now we’ve had three points of contact.

  1. I met them at a meeting
  2. I had a follow up conversation
  3. Then we actually had a face to face.

And then from that face to face, I usually send a thank you card for their time. And then I invite them to like and subscribe to my social media channels. And I ask them if it’s okay for me to put them into my email newsletter, which I send out once a month.

So with all of that I am now able to contact them on a daily basis through the social media networks. And I am contacting them once a month through my email newsletter. Now, is there more that I could be doing? Yes, of course, there’s always more that we could be doing right?

With that pattern, if I were to see them at an event and invite them to an event every month and be able to network with them and build that reputation with them. That’s just one event a month, maybe that’s 12 points of contact.

So it would take several years if I was only doing it through events, if I was only doing it through emails, it would be the same problem. But what happens when we do cross channel, multi different points of contact, we end up actually having more contact with people than they realize and it makes that hundred and 20 points of contact before they do business with us go by very quickly.

So if you figure 140 points of contacts You’re touching somebody four times a day through social media networks, through events that you’re engaging with them with through coffee conversations through referral opportunities.

Now you’ve really condensed down that time period. And now you’re looking at an average of about 14 to 24 days before somebody makes the decision that they want to work with you.

So let me ask you this. How are you sharing your content? What kinds of content are you sharing? And how are you sharing that content?

The more you can share that content, the more likely somebody is to pick up that content, engage with that content, and decide that you are somebody of influence that they want to work with.

So that’s your marketing tip for the week. I’m Terri Watkins, your chief idea catcher here at SpinFrogs.

And thank you so much for taking the time to watch!