A few weeks ago now my husband and I were looking for places to stay with our dog out of town. Seemed straightforward enough. Both of us being heavy Google users (and marketing people), we took to the internet.

Here is where managing your digital reputation comes into play.

Google Maps Listings

Is it important to be there if you have a physical location?
YES!!! And Yes Again!!

It is even more important to keep it current! We called 12 places…

You read that right – 12 that had listed on their Google Places page they accepted dogs.

But they don’t. I was actually told by one, “We are not required to keep up the Google listings.”

What does this do to the reputation of the business?

While it is true they are under no obligation to update the Google listings, I don’t speak for myself when I say, who uses xyz.com to find dog friendly hotels? So frustrated, I took to xyz.com to find dog friendly hotels and guess what?

Yup… you guessed it, they were listed there!

I didn’t call them back. I moved on to a 13th hotel that was listed as dog friendly AND they had rooms available! Amazing!

And now because they wasted so much of my time and were not friendly or helpful to me, even if I don’t need dog friendly in the future, guess who I am not calling?

That’s right…the 12 other hotels who didn’t want to update their online presence to properly reflect their business services. This actually relates directly to my article on the 4 P’s of marketing.

(Product and services are numero uno (#1) before promotion of the business. So while xyz.com is a great resource of hotels, that is promotion of the product the hotel has to offer, not the product itself.

So they lost business, not just for that weekend but for all of my future hotel needs.

Keep your listings current with these simple steps

First, know your business. What has changed? Hours? Location? Phone number? Products or services? Have you added anything or taken something away that your perspective customer may need to know about?

Make note of these things; we will need that note in a minute.

Second, log into your Google listing through the Gmail account associated with your Google local listing (or Google My Business listing).

Third, select your business from the options (you should only have one option unless you run multiple businesses).

Fourth, select info from the left hand side.

Finally, update all relevant sections you listed out in step 1. Once you are complete your work auto saves (thank you Google) and you can close the window.

That’s it! You are updated and now able to take full advantage of your Google Business Listing.

Need Help Updating Your Google Listings?

That is where SpinFrogs comes in! Whether it is figuring out what to list or getting the listing updated all together we can help with that.

From simple Google listing updates to reputation management strategy, and even marketing automation we can help you get your marketing and advertising in line so you can stay focused on what you do best, your business!

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