Content. That word again!

With all the ways and places people talk about making content these days it can feel overwhelming. “What should I even be saying, how often, and where?” you might be asking.

But an even better question to ask yourself, one that can actually clarify with the right guidance, is this:

“How am I setting myself (and my business) up for success this year?”

We’ve talked to a lot of business owners over the last few years, and one of the biggest areas they all say they need guidance is this one. Marketing doesn’t have to feel like making a series of guesses and occasionally being right.

If you’ve followed SpinFrogs for any length of time you know that we like to create custom offerings to suit the things people ask about most often.

In this case, we’ve partnered with Ignition, LLC to bring you an exciting way to refine your content strategy for 2021 to ensure it’s a more profitable year.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to attract clients without making cold calls – instead leveraging sustainable rapport-building habits
  • How to stand out without coming across as spammy or jeopardizing your reputation
  • How to streamline the process of content creation so it’s not overwhelming, both in thinking of what to say and making time to actually say it
  • Enhance how you showcase your expertise so your audience can’t help but say yes

Sounds like something that could help a lot, doesn’t it?

Learn more here!

A little about Jeff Pugel of Ignition, LLC:

Jeff’s specialty is coming in to help agencies when their sales pipelines have dried up and they aren’t sure what to do to get it back on track.

Using his proven approach he was able to win over 50% of the agency pitches he was a part of, and the agencies he partnered with were amazed at how much more “dialed in” their process became for attracting the right sorts of customers.

No more constantly losing to the competition or feeling invisible altogether.

The frequency of agencies that feel like they need their own agency doing their marketing is proof enough that it’s an issue in the industry. But luckily, one with a solution that isn’t as staggering as it would seem.

How this seminar relates to PROPEL:

Developing a strong content plan that includes the when and where of distribution is indeed something we cover at length in PROPEL. But for those not looking to join a 6-week program, this seminar on Priming Your Content for Leads is meant as a one-day event where you can glean as much value as possible to put to use right away.