Jack ‘O’ Lantern bowl


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This wheel thrown, handmade, bowls feature 3 carved pumpkins, 2 on the rim and one on the center inside the bowl.  Each hat has the same color ribbon (blue). The pumpkins are all handmade and hand painted. There is only 1 of these bowls in this series. It is glazed with matte black finish inside and out. It is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Be-careful using in the microwave as the black nature of the pot may become hot to the touch. I however would not put cereal or foods that can be difficult to clean in the bowl. These were designed for chips, peanuts, or wrapped snacks like candies or granola bars. 

All the items in this shop are 100% made in NC, from the clay collection to the glaze manufacturing to the finished product.


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