Witch Witch is Which Cauldron Mug


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This wheel thrown, handmade, mug features a single carved witch’s hat character on the front.  Each hat has a different color ribbon, (red, blue, or green). The hats are handmade and hand painted. The handle is hex-angular which is unique to the cauldron mug series. There are 3 mugs in this series. They are all glazed with Mayco Glaze Olive Float. One looks purple with green spots while the others look more glossy green. It is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. I would not suggest putting acidic beverages in these mugs as it could eat away at the glaze inside the mug compromising their integrity. These have been fired to vitrification and following Mayco firing standards/suggestions. Be-careful using in the microwave as the black nature of the pot may become hot to the touch.

All the items in this shop are 100% made in NC, from the clay collection to the glaze manufacturing to the finished product.


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