Last week I had some friends over for dinner and we were just catching up, chatting about what we are working on like usual. But after the dinner my friend sent me a message about the things they took away from the conversation. That is what inspires this post today.

The Take Away

We were discussing social media and what makes social media fail or succeed accordingly. What I have learned is that for social media to work for business owners it really needs to be them managing it, posting to it, and engaging the audience, or at least someone in their practice doing this work.

Why, you might be asking.

Because what makes the most successful social media marketing work is when a business allows their clients, fans, followers, prospects a chance to see into the day to day. What does life look like in your business? This allows them the chance to experience you without leaving the comfort of their phone.

Which leads to creating an experience you want your fans, clients, prospects, followers to have.

What feelings do you want them to have about your brand?

Are you sharing the content that allows them to feel those things?

When we hire a social media person (or agency) to manage our content from afar, what you are really asking them to create and share is industry related content.

Let me ask you, do you personally engage with industry content that is parroted across the web?

When we hire someone to manage our social content internally to our practice we are asking them to create something authentic and true to the organization. What do we want people to see, learn, know, and experience about us today?

Which social channel would you be more likely to engage with?

Social media is a window into the soul of your business.

If you are a medical office, a great way to do this is to share a photo of the doctor with a happy client, or share an article the doctor wrote to help the community be healthier. You could even share recipes that are healthy and fun to make!

When we create and share content about what is happening in our business we do a few things.

  1. We allow the viewer to experience us before visiting our space. For some people it can be intimidating to walk into an office they have never been to before. They don’t know what to expect, who they will encounter, or if the space feels comfortable. Allowing them to meet the team, see the space, feel the energy there before visiting can alleviate a lot of those anxiety driven feelings you want to avoid with your brand anyway.
  2. Speaking of feelings, when we create our own content and don’t just parrot what some other expert said we allow our viewers the chance to experience us. Feel what we feel. When we develop a connection like that with our fans we create loyalty.
  3. Speaking of loyalty, when we share content we created to provide a window into the soul of our business, we help our team, our clients, and our prospects feel a connection with our brand that can’t be bought with a coupon or discount. This relationship is strong.

Consider the brands you are following and are loyal to.

The ones you are most loyal to offer discounts all the time or rarely?

Probably rarely because you didn’t become a fan of theirs for the deals; you did it because you trust what they have to share with you. Perhaps you find them entertaining, enlightening, or maybe just transparent.

These characteristics elicit emotion don’t they?

Create emotion in your brand.

Happens not only though the words we write, the things we say, or the things we do, but the images we share as well. All of these components that make up your day to day in your business elicit emotion for you, your employees, and your perspective clients.

What do you want them to FEEL?

Leverage your social media as a way to share your soul with your community. Help them understand your secret sauce that is you, your brand, through what you share, create, say, and do.

Do you need help finding your business’ soul?

Give us a call today! We love helping organizations like yours discover their why and connect it to their community!