Terri Watkins, Speaker and creator of TERRIfic Tips podcast

Terri Watkins – Speaker

On Forensic Marketing

“As a professional speaker I have had the honor and privilege to speak in person, on the radio, on TV, and even on podcasts talking about Winning Marketing Strategies. It has been an absolute blast and I can’t wait to do more of it!”

Speaking Topics:

Networking do’s and don’ts

In our post COVID world we have new social rules to live by when it comes to networking like when should you share contact information, how do you use the chat feature in the virtual meeting space, and so on. I love talking about what is working and what isn’t in this space because business is all about relationships and relationships start with a conversation. Before tech, that was local face to face events like ribbon cuttings.  

Branding – Keys to staying top of mind without being spammy

Branding is more than a great logo, font or color scheme. We talk about what goes into a brand relationship and how do we follow up, follow through without falling short.

Identifying avatars – who do you serve?

This is one of my favorites to talk about as I have a simple 3 step process to help anyone identify who their ideal client is. This doesn’t mean we say no to everyone else. It just means we are focusing time, effort, energy and resources into attracting this one type of person. One thing I have learned is we can’t be something for everyone, but we can be everything for someone. Let’s find your someone together!

3 steps to getting in the news

This simple process can help any business owner reap rewards for free exposure in the media. Free exposure about the things that business owners wants to be seen and known for – positive good publicity attracts more eyes and wallets to a business.

Marketing Strategy & Budget

Spend your time and money wisely, properly measuring key performance indicators to cut wasteful spending and keep the messaging on point.

As A Speaker, Terri Watkins Has Been Featured In:

Terri’s first professional job as a telemarketer made her think deeply about how business worked, and what not having a plan meant for her career. It spurred her to promptly return to college and seek a degree in business and psychology, and eventually start launching her own businesses.

Working at agencies on and off paved the way to marketing consulting gigs, which ultimately led to speaking opportunities. Terri quickly learned how rewarding speaking was as a way to pass on what she’d learned in a larger way than one-on-one client work.

Since then, Terri Watkins has started a podcast called TERRIfic Tips, where she interviews business owners from around the world and invites them to share their stories.

I had the honor of having Terri Watkins, Chief Idea Catcher, on my WOW Wednesday podcast and WOW did she bring it for my audience! Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to get to know Terri through Women’s Prosperity Network. It has been a joy watching her grow in her confidence, momentum, and step more assuredly into her own voice.

On the show, Terri talked to 100+ people with poise, respect, and confidence about digital marketing. More specifically, she covered 3 ways to get found on Google. She not only came to the show aware of who was listening, she also delivered actionable tips for my audience to show them the best ways to grow their online reputations with Google.

I love how she was able to call back to lessons I had shared over the last year to reinforce to my audience that they are in the best place for their business. I would be thrilled to have Terri on my show again to continue to share that guidance of building credibility with Google, so that my network can continue to become more prosperous in time.

I highly recommend Terri for your podcast, association, or team when it comes to having someone knowledgeable about marketing to provide sound guidance on best practices to grow a brand digitally.

Nancy Matthews

Women's Prosperity Network