Emotionography is not just the study and mapping of emotion. It is how emotion plays into the development of brands, marketing, and even whole business strategy. There is a old saying, “it’s not personal, its just business.”

But if you are as a business owner looking to develop a stable business then it better be personal.

By personal I don’t mean knowing the minute details of your employee’s lives. By personal, I mean engaging with your team on an emotional level regularly. This step is so often over looked by companies, particularly corporate organizations.

They justify the distance due to sheer volume of people in the organization. The fact of the matter is the emotional connection your employees have with your brand is the same emotional connection your clients will have.

Ultimately the size of the organization should have nothing to do with how emotionally connected each individual within the organization is. How so?

Simple really, it is the managers who should have the emotional buy in to the organization. The dream/vision/mission of the organization should be palpable in the managing staff. It is then their responsibility to hire based on the emotional fit of the candidate… not based on skills, but on fit. This fit will help perpetuate the emotional reliability of the whole organization.

The larger the firm the more important the value/vision/mission and emotional connected-ness the team needs to have.

When you have an organization who shares emotional drive for the mission/vision/values of the organization, you develop a strong team of people who a vested in moving the company forward as well as providing the best service possible for the clients. The clients will feel the emotional drive of the organization, and that will be the deciding factor of do they sign the agreement with you or with your competition.

So I leave you with a question: when was the last time to analyzed your firm’s emotionography? What is your emotionography saying about you as a firm? How is that impacting your company culture? These are pivotal questions to analyze about your organization, and only you can answer them honestly and make a decision on the next steps.

Thanks for reading!