When you see the word “forensic” you might think of CSI or even forensic accounting. What we mean by it isn’t far off.

We feel it’s an important distinction to make as we talk to business owners because “marketing consultant” gets thrown around so often for different things that it’s understandably muddied the waters.

Too often someone who is essentially a sales rep will call themselves a consultant, when in reality the only thing they’re consulting about is their own services. To us, it’s not real consulting when there’s that kind of agenda.

Forensic marketing is the practice of comprehensive review of a business’ marketing efforts, evaluating for efficiency, messaging, and measuring real ROI.

This leads to stronger decisions and a focused brand that enjoys success far more easily.

We don’t come in with any preconceived notions of what a business needs, and we don’t have a fixed list of tools and solutions to sell a need for. Our forensic marketing consulting involves 2 major aims:

  1. Analyze a business’ current marketing channels, time and financial investments, branding, and concepts of target customer personas. This is to determine which efforts and programs make sense and which haven’t justified themselves, reallocating funds for maximum bang for the buck.
  2. Then we refine the target market profile and create a customized content plan to best speak to that audience. This often involves changes to the business website, print materials, and social media channels to build more rapport and pique more interest.

We’re essentially acting as the company’s marketing director, honing the overall message and guiding the programs and decisions to improve profitability and reach.

Because we’re working directly for the company in this way, our ideas are solely in service of that brand and its core customers. We do not take commissions from any vendors or partnerships we have that we may recommend, and we recommend those services only when they make sense in the context of the plan.

Remember the first goal mentioned above: one of our primary roles is to eliminate any wasteful spending in the marketing budget.

What’s the competitive advantage of this approach?

The skill level of a marketing director is built over many years, often decades. That person develops their discernment and creativity through extensive testing and campaigns, after a track record of proven success that puts those skills in demand.

Many small businesses aren’t yet at a point where the salary requirements of a marketing director are feasible, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for those skills.

We created our monthly programs to be the answer to that conundrum.

Time is devoted carefully to what benefits the business most, and the idea is to create comprehensive plans the business’ internal team can run with. Or if they don’t want to, to source the external solutions.

This way the business gains the most crucial benefits of a marketing director for far less capital.

We’ve helped over 100 businesses run leaner, more powerful marketing campaigns and generate the revenue needed to grow as organizations.

Your business could be next.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your marketing.