A Parallel-Preneur is a professional who is building a product or service-based business alongside your 9-5 but you lack the clarity and confidence you need to build a profitable side business.

I understand the plight of a parallel-preneur because on my very first entrepreneurial journey, I was a nail technician, working in security while continuing to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and paths. 

I understand that there’s a challenge in consistently finding the time to work on your business when you’re working a 9-5.  I also understand you trying to determine how to connect to your ideal clients and referral partners. Setting up how you can repel those tire kickers and those freebie secrets. I get it!

I truly understand how you wanted to be able to close more clients because you got into this business more than likely because you had a passion for. You saw a need and you wanted to fulfill it. You wanted to help people but without closing any sales, you’re not making any money in your business. 

So I want you just to take a moment and just imagine these things:

  1. What would it be like to gain clarity around so you can attract your ideal client? You can repel those clients that give you pause. 
  2. What would it be like to enter every sales conversation confidently knowing what to say, and what to ask so you can close a sale?
  3. What would it look like to turn contacts into contracts? 

Every time somebody asks you the question “What do you do?”, you lead with the business that you own. You know who you serve, how you can serve them, and how you can help make their life feel better.

If this is you – you are a parallel preneur and you’re building a business while working your 9 to 5, I would love us to get connected!.

I am Nefateria Fonda’ and I am a Business and Sales Coach, Author and a Speaker for Parallel-preneurs. As your Certified Business and Sales Coach, we will work together to:

  • Get you clear on whom you serve, and how you serve them
  • Get you confident in your sales skills 
  • And Get cash into your business

Bonus: I will help you increase your walk with Christ because we are always inspired to A.C.T. (Activate Faith, Commit To a Plan and Take Action).

Connect with Nefateria here.

Until the next time! Be Profitable and Be Blessed!