Of all the ways you can expand your perspectives on things or learn from others, podcasts are particularly good for you because you can experience them while doing other things.

Reading books can be life-altering, especially when done regularly. But if you have a busy schedule it can be tough to find quiet time where you’re not doing anything else and can devote fully to reading. Podcasts on the other hand fit neatly into your morning commute, while running errands, or even while you’re at the gym.

This is super valuable because it’s time that’s already committed. If you’re headed somewhere, you may have to spend that 45 minutes in the car no matter what. Or that hour out for a run. And now you’re accomplishing two things in that same time span.

The concept isn’t new. People have enjoyed morning talk shows for years. But talk shows tend to be the same people talking about the same things day after day, and depending on what you’re after that can be a diminishing returns kind of situation.

Typical podcasts involve a host talking to new people each episode. Because the host sets the tone for the conversation and guides the talk but the guests are different, there’s an alluring blend of consistency you can expect with new thoughts and ideas.

Joe Rogan’s podcast is a brilliant example of this, but there are so many worthwhile ones to check out. Lewis Howes’ “School of Greatness” is another one we can highly recommend if you’re in business or looking for various aspects of self growth.

We’re excited to say that we’ve also started a podcast this year. It largely talks about ways business owners and entrepreneurs can overcome the types of challenges we all face and stop us from hitting new levels — whether those challenges are to do with staff, budgets, or even ourselves.

Check it out here!