Winston Salem is where we got our start, and early on we worked pretty exclusively with local businesses in the area doing marketing consulting.

After launching our podcast and delving into virtual networking we’ve expanded that reach considerably, forging relationships around the world. However, we still see a real need for forensic marketing services in the Winston Salem area apart from the standard fare agency experience.

The Arts and Innovation quarter of Winston Salem is home to a lot of startups, and the area has taken a real shine to the coworking space concept in the downtown area.

One challenge we encountered early on was that as much as we wanted to help those new businesses, they often didn’t have the funding available to partake in the level of marketing consulting we were best at.

This is a big part of why we’ve worked so hard over the last year to create new offerings that create opportunity for all budgets.

Small Business Marketing Tools

This starts with small ebooks any business can take and apply some quick tips to get the ball moving. From there, we offer courses like PROPEL and DIY SEO that walk business owners through what they need to know to get organized and avoid the fluff. These are actionable lessons that a lot of people have found value with.

When businesses are ready, our 1:1 Forensic Marketing Consulting services allow us to go deep with the brand, pulling the messaging, art, and tracking together in a powerful way. Most businesses miss this piece, even if they’ve worked with agencies for websites and other marketing in the past.

Why Winston Salem’s “Marketing Consulting” Can Be Confusing

There are some solid marketing consultants in the area. Unfortunately, there are also two other groups of professionals that call themselves marketing consultants and muddy the waters:

  1. Sales reps selling set packages and calling themselves “consultants” simply to avoid the word sales. Obviously not consultant in the true sense of the word.
  2. Small marketing businesses, such as web designers, who tout “marketing consulting services” where the consulting is really just a sales pitch for their actual services. Also not really consulting by the real measure of the word.

Obviously highlighting this can be a little uncomfortable because it’s not the intention to throw shade. On the other hand, after talking to as many confused business owners as we have it’s clear that the overuse of “consultant” has created more questions than it’s answered.

We felt the only way to address it is to be direct.

We believe we are different because we aren’t pitching any pre-packaged services, and we’re not selling on anyone else’s behalf. Our clients are our only focus, and our recommendations therefore are 100% driven by need.

This freedom from being beholden to a set system or a singular solution means we can be as organized and objective as possible when reviewing a company’s current marketing.

What’s missing from the current tracking methods? What pieces of the marketing are working and which aren’t? How can we consolidate and eliminate unnecessary spending to either improve revenue or reallocate budget into worthy alternatives?

Advantages of Forensic Marketing Consulting For Winston Salem Businesses

If you’ve been in business awhile and have tried a few different things — such as rebranding or redesigning your website — and have been underwhelmed by the result…

Or if you’re launching a new business and are still planning everything out, and don’t have the budget for trial and error…

The ability to focus your marketing will free up time and alleviate stress. Many of the business owners we talk to feel overwhelmed, like there are way too many things they need to be doing and they have no idea where to begin.

Having a content plan means the ability to dismiss a whole bunch of things that don’t serve the vision, which instantly creates time. A clear plan also makes where to begin make a heck of a lot more sense, and everything else feels like a logical list.

Having a virtual marketing director means offloading tasks to keep things moving forward. How many times have you had great ideas or written out a plan, but weeks went by and it sat on a shelf? With someone handling your marketing you can rest assured that things continue moving in the right direction even when you’re working on other things, or traveling.

A sounding board prevents being distracted by unproductive offers. We all as business owners get pitched things all year. Each pitch sounds good — they’re all designed to. But which of them complement our existing plan and which would just take time and energy (and budget) away from better things?

Not to mention the time commitment you may not have to keep taking these meetings. What if someone else could handle those for you and use their discernment to dismiss the unworthy and only bring things to you that are likely to move the needle?

Someone to manage new projects, with the knowledge to keep a handle on it. Whether you’re doing a new web design, getting print or promo materials printed, or buying advertising, having a partner to manage it and stay in touch with those reps frees you up.

Best of all, someone with 20 years of industry knowledge means you’ll have clear time line and pricing expectations to haggle with, and underperforming reps won’t be able to smooth talk their way through meetings with sophistry.

We’ve been featured in numerous podcast shows, as well as the Women’s Prosperity Network. SpinFrogs has been a member of the American Marketing Association since 2018.